4 in-store services for more walk-in in your supermarket

After the Corona turnover peak, it is important to take a critical look at the following trends and developments. Because online developments are moving at lightning speed. The physical supermarket faces challenges, because how do you remain visible and distinctive? And where are the opportunities to take advantage of both online and trends for your physical store?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates invests millions in online supermarket chain like Picnic. Fast delivery services such as Gorillas deliver the groceries to consumers in 10 minutes. The most important lesson is that consumers are increasingly orienting themselves online. And they don't just do that at home behind the computer. They look at the smartphone. And apps and websites increasingly send traffic to supermarkets and stores.

Below you can read a few (innovative) ideas to make your supermarket even more visible, by providing more in-store service and ultimately achieving more turnover. For most ideas, an app or website will generate foot traffic for your store:

1 Print service

You can copy in a large number of supermarkets in the Netherlands. But printing is a different story. Yet, it appears that a new generation is less and less attached to printing and therefore no longer even has a printer at home. Waarkanikprinten.nl of a Dutch entrepreneur is now setting up print stations in small Dutch supermarkets. Return  labels, health certificates, (phd)-theses, everything that is still being printed rolls out of the printer straight away, without the intervention of the supermarket.

2 Package vending machine

Major parcel services such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and DPD are diligently looking for suitable collection points. Consumers search online for the most suitable collection point. In the Netherlands, PostNL is investing no less than €450 million in parcel walls. And where should these machines be placed? Gas stations, parking lots or a train station? In any case, a small LinkedIn poll in Dutch gives the impression that consumers prefer a parcel safe in the supermarket.

3 Charging points for electric cars

The European Union has big plans and subsidizes electric driving. Electric driving is becoming the norm, car manufacturers massively switch to producing only electrical vehicles. What impact does this have? Electric (lease) drivers are eager to (fast) charge while shopping. The big advantage, even with fast charging, is that they are already spend half an hour close to the charging . A charging station is a valuable addition to the parking lot of your shopping centre. Collaboration with other retailers is a must for this service.

4 Service against food waste

Wasting food is no longer an option. A new generation wants an answer to this. Not only restaurants, but also more and more supermarkets therefore offer their perishable goods via the app, Too Good to Go. In this way they attract more consumers to the store and in this way increase the walk-in in the supermarket.

Read the full report here on how in-store services can increase walk-in and sales in brick-and-mortar stores.

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