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Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. Which alternative should you use to print with your Chromebook (Google devices)? Fortunately, there are cloud printing solutions to replace Google Cloud Print. Continue reading to find out how these can help you.

Today, printing is still very important at work and perhaps even more relevant: printing documents while on the move. Google Cloud Print was the perfect solution for this, but it will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020.

But what was Google Cloud Print?

In 2011, Google launched a cloud printing solution: Google Cloud Print, which was primarily targeted at consumers. This solution could connect any application to a cloud-compatible home printer. This saved the consumer a lot of work, because they did not have to download and install special printer drivers.

It has become clear how good Google Cloud Print has been at solving printer problems. Yet, a few practical features were missing  for students, self-employed and employees in schools, shops and shared offices.

Moving to a Complete Solution: What Was Google Cloud Print Missing?

Google Cloud Print was free, incredibly easy for the user, and even integrated into various printers.

In the overview below, you will find a number of options that users of Google Cloud print really needed with Google Cloud Print on a Chromebook:

1. Management of printer(s). As a school, shared office or library, how can you save money or keep track of how much has been printed? It is impossible to optimally set up the printer for your organisation.

2. Independence of devices. For example, it was not possible to print, scan or invoice remotely. Remote control was also not possible for students.

3. Accessibility of the printer. It was not possible to determine who had access to a selected printer. This is arranged on the basis of existing user rights.

4. Option to pay for a print job, a scan or copy. The option to pay for a print job could not be used through Google Cloud Print. Read here 5 reasons why every school wants students to pay via a cloud printing solution.

5. Large companies are looking for a different solution. Large companies / organisations want to be able to manage the entire printer network, which is a challenge in itself. This requires a number of important applications, such as reporting and monitoring tools.

Alternative Google Cloud Print

As an alternative to Google Cloud Print, the end user now has only to install the KUARIO printer driver, super easy.

KUARIO also offers an extension for Google Chrome, so that printing can be done easily on-the-go. To make this even better, KUARIO has also developed an app with which print jobs can be prepared that can be retrieved from any printer with KUARIO.

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