Are you fully benefiting from your Nayax payment system?

Congratulations! You've recently purchased a Nayax payment system to offer contactless payment to customers who use your vending machines. The Nayax plug & play payment system is installed within a few minutes allowing your customers to easily pay with a card or mobile app. Did you know you can get much more out of your Onyx or VPOS Touch payment terminal with the Nayax telemetry solution included in your subscription?

What is telemetry?

The word telemetry is derived from the Greek words 'roots tele' (=remote) and 'metron' (=to measure). It describes the collection of measurements or data which are then transmitted to receiving equipment via wireless telecommunication. Due to the low cost and wide availability of GSM networks, SMS is often used for this purpose. The Nayax telemetry solution works in exactly this way: it collects relevant data for you, so you can easily manage your payment system, vending machines and stock remotely.

Automated alerts

The Nayax alert system is also extremely useful for operators of a few machines. When configured, this option will automatically provide warnings when events occur that require immediate attention. Think, for example, of the unplugging of your vending machine, a door being forced, problems in the machine or a product running out. With this real-time alert system, you can respond quickly and efficiently preventing loss of products and/or revenue. The alerts are defined by you, so you receive them when you want for what you need.

Optimisation through analysis and reports

No matter the size of your business, it is always good to know where your growth opportunities lie. With the data you collect, you can perform in-depth business analysis and can create forecasts, trends and sales reports. You will gain insight into the behaviour of your customers and can identify any areas that need attention. For example, the reports can show which products are doing well and which are less in demand.

Vending machine- & device management

The Nayax telemetry solution makes it possible to remotely analyse the performance of your vending machines and products in detail. Allowing you to see what's happening with them in real-time, from anywhere in the world via a PC, tablet or smartphone. The smart and intuitive Nayax dashboard makes the information easy to view and manage, so you can efficiently plan supply or maintenance routes based on demand, for example. The telemetry solution can also be used to manage your card readers, change product information and so much more.

Marketing & loyalty programmes through the Nayax payment system

With the Nayax telemetry system, it is possible to offer loyalty programmes and discounts to attract more repeat customers. Several built-in marketing tools make it possible to communicate more directly with your customers, for example, you can advertise your brand, campaigns and promotions through the colour screen of the Nayax terminal or with voice interaction. The possibilities are endless and include options to create loyalty cards, offer happy hours and provide targeted promotions.

Paying with prepaid cards

In many organisations, employees have an ID card loaded with prepaid credit, this allows them to use various services such as vending and beverage machines. With the Nayax telemetry system, you can easily manage these prepaid cards, along with discounts and online top-ups. Nayax supports organisations with a closed payment system, such as offices, hospitals and universities, that accept prepaid solutions whilst also allowing open payment methods for visitors.

The success of your vending machines depends on several factors, the machine should always be operational, the products should always be available, the product assortment should perfectly match the users' wishes and the delivery of the products should be as optimal as possible. With the telemetry solution of your Nayax payment system, you can ensure that these are achieved so that you always get the best out of your vending machine!

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