Five reasons to pay with KUARIO at your school

Does your educational institution already offer the possibility to pay via KUARIO? Not yet? Then you probably haven't heard of KUARIO before.  

A quick introduction: KUARIO is the new payment method with which you can quickly and easily pay with a mobile phone and a QR code.

A cup of coffee, something from the vending machine, or printing? KUARIO links all types of unattended machines, which provide paid services or products to students. A very easy way to pay, with only one mobile app for all types of devices. The current school or campus card can also be linked to KUARIO.

Reason 1: An educational institution is not a financial institution, right?

Many educational institutions manage their students’ campus card credits and incoming money for printing, copying and scanning, but do not have a financial licence. You may actually be in violation, without being aware of it. KUARIO has a full license for managing funds and performing payment services. This takes away a major responsibility from your educational institution.

Reason 2: Happy students

Students are your 'customers', so these are the people you want to look after as much as possible. After the outbreak of the corona virus, the demand for contact and cashless has increased enormously. With KUARIO you make mobile payments possible, so you can easily reduce the number of touchpoints (cash) and offer your students a safe and hygienic environment. Because "happy students make a happy educational institution"!

Reason 3: GDPR is so complex

Educational institutions retain a lot of data from their students. They need to manage this data securely, especially since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is subject to strict control by the authorities. It is not always easy to comply with all the rules. Whether you use a camera and record stuff, or gain insight into students' payments: The GDPR works everywhere. As far as the protection of your students' data is concerned, when using KUARIO, you don't have to think about it anymore. We are fully compliant with the latest GDPR regulations.

Reason 4: PSD2 creates more hassle for educational institutions

PSD2 states that only authorised payment institutions may provide financial services. Obtaining such a licence is a costly affair and a huge hassle that you would rather avoid.

But as an educational institution, you want to provide students with the best possible service and enable them to make purchases. KUARIO is fully licensed to offer this service, taking a lot out of your hands.

Reason 5: Save time  for things that matter

Let's be honest. It is not really the core business of an educational institution to deal with student payments. The core business is education and student development.

Payments and financial services are a core activity of KUARIO. It is specialized in linking machines via the cloud, whether it is the printer, the coffee machine or the vending machine. KUARIO then connect these devices to KUARIO’s payment methods, so that students can easily pay anywhere via one mobile app, without extra work for the educational institution. It takes care of everything. With KUARIO you have time for other, really important things!

inepro is official distributor of the KUARIO management- and payment platform.

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