How it started; new company movie

How it started; new company movie

For nearly 30 years, inepro has been a developer of innovative payment and accounting solutions for many different applications. In 1992 the inepro Group was founded by Ritske Clewits. Of course, we started at the attic, but we didn’t stay there. Ritske adopted a strategy which came natural to him.

Discover the world, visit your clients and innovate by listening to them. Marketing gurus call this a customer intimacy approach. And like our founder, our account managers these days carry out regular visits to our customers. These visits are essential, before we raise the “Bob the Builder” question and develop a new solution. Innovation without efficiency, Ritske soon discovered is like chasing the wind.

Our mentality

When we were looking for a way to express our "day one mentality", we looked for a historical hero with exactly the same mentality as ours. We found two. Wilbur and Orville Wright. Their life story is a metaphor for our mentality. They are two insanely efficient adventurers who, by sticking to their mentality, changed the course of history. If anyone asks us what we stand for, we tell them the story of the Wright brothers.

New company movie

Recently, we have been busy creating our new corporate movie that tells our history, emphasises our values, shows our link with the Wright brothers and represents our extensive portfolio. We are very pleased with the result, which gives a glimpse of inepro's world.

We would like to thank Sennen and Alex of Saproco for visualising our story.

We wish you all much technical inspiration!