inepro launches new Spider RFID reader series

spider rfid reader

From coffee machines to lockers, and from multifunctional printers to electrical charging stations. The importance of authentication and thereby security is increasing, as are the application possibilities. Today inepro officially introduces its latest innovation and sets the new standard for the future; versatile, efficient and above all sustainable RFID readers.

Different devices, one type of RFID reader

Where normally multiple card readers must be used to read all the cards needed in an organisation, the Spider puts an end to this. The new RFID solution can read over 125 technologies, so only one type of RFID reader needs to be integrated. In addition, the Spider's versatility is boosted by the fact that its different sizes can be used for any device that requires authentication, without exceptions; from a simple solution for coffee machines and locker access, to multifunctional printers, electric charging stations and access to buildings and spaces.

Efficient & sustainable

The Spider can be configured remotely via an internet connection, which saves considerably on installation and maintenance when compared to RFID readers without this feature. In addition, inepro is taking major steps towards sustainability with the Spider: the compact size of the RFID reader means less storage space - and therefore lower inventory costs - and the remote functionality means that technical staff no longer need to be on location when updating the software. Finally, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compliance ensures that plastic ID carriers such as cards or tags can be exchanged for identification via mobile phones, IOS and Android. And with minimal housing and packaging on inepro's side, the environmental impact is also kept as low as possible.

Introduction video

In cooperation with Bonsai Amsterdam and MCPR a parody of the nature films of world famous biologist and television maker David Attenborough was made, communicating the unique aspects of the Spider RFID reader as if it were a real spider. Watch the video below.  

Are you curious about the possibilities of our different Spiders? Click here:


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