inepro's one-stop-shop for payment and authentication solutions now also available in North America

Behind the scenes, we have been working on this for a while, but the time has finally come. inepro will be opening a new office in Miami, USA! This location will be run by one of our long-term employees, Marco Linting. Marco has seen every aspect of the company in the 25 years that he has been working for inepro and has also been involved in our growth from the start. The expansion, in addition to our existing offices in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Hong Kong and Latin America, is another milestone in our company's history. We are therefore very proud that the Miami office will allow us to introduce our payment and authentication solutions in the USA and Canada.

Crossing the ocean

About 6 years ago, Marco Linting left for Miami, initially to service Latin America. Since then, inepro can rely on a great team of 5 colleagues who represent our solutions in Latin America. Two years ago, Marco's focus changed to the market in North America. After extensive research, the USA and Canada appear to have enormous potential for inepro.

"Our market research shows that North America offers many opportunities for inepro's authentication and payment solutions. Think, for example, of the print market in which we have been operating for some time. Large, well-known suppliers of printing solutions also have branches in North America. Brands we already do business with, in Europe. There are also many opportunities in other markets, for example, in the facility market, where there is a great demand from hospitals for secure PCs. Staff need to secure their computers and use RFID readers, with card authentication, to gain access to confidential (patient) data. There is also the locker and vending market, where our KUARIO platform is a perfect fit," says Marco.

Doing business in America

Besides the enormous opportunities that the continent offers, Marco believes it is also important to have a physical presence in North America. "If you want to do business here, you really need to have a local office. North American customers expect you to be available in person and to be in the same time zone as them. They also expect the same in terms of support, of course. By having local stock, you can guarantee fast delivery times and payments can be made in local currency. Compliance with all North American safety standards and certifications is also a very important condition”, says Marco.

"The inepro webshop, which is now online, extends our accessibility and offers a great deal of convenience," says Marco. "Customers who place small orders are particularly keen to order RFID readers from a webshop so that they can pay for them easily using their credit card. The product will then be shipped immediately. In the future, we will also be able to offer great discounts through our online sales channel."

Dreams and goals

Marco has done a lot of research in the past two years, made a lot of contacts and, above all, sown a lot of seeds. "Our goal is to have great brand awareness and a substantial market presence in the RFID market within five years. We offer an RFID reader that fits any type of device of any brand, including printers, vending machines, EV charging stations, PCs and cash registers. In addition, the reader comes in a Full Pack, which means that it contains an RFID reader, the housing, the bracket and various types of cables. So you order one box with a multi-frequency reader and associated accessories and you're done! This has turned out to be really unique in the marketplace," says Marco.

In the meantime, the 'seeding' has already resulted in various successes and the first large orders for RFID readers have been received. "These new orders, from Canada among other countries, confirm the trust people have in inepro's products and form a good foundation for follow-up orders (that are already confirmed). So we really are in the right place", says Marco with great pride.

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

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