Showering at the campsite in Corona time

showering at campsite

3 customer needs and solutions for campsite owners

The first articles about the latest trends on campsites for 2021 appeared at the beginning of this year. As a campsite owner, it is of course essential to keep an eye on the latest trends and to anticipate new needs and wishes. An important piece of help; scientific research now shows how much value the recreation sector really adds in Corona time (1). In this blog I will focus on one very important need, a hot shower is obviously a fresh start to the day for every camping guest or a great way to relax after a long walk.

1. Camping with private sanitary facilities

Last year, during the Corona crisis, all common sanitary facilities were closed. Sometimes one guest was allowed to use these facilities, but had to go to reception first to get a key. In the low season, for 'every pee the key' is probably feasible, in the high season this is of course undoable. Fortunately, the communal areas were open again in the summer. However, it is not surprising that a small online keyword research on the term 'campsite' shows that the campsite visitor is mainly looking for a campsite with private sanitary facilities.

Keywords such as 'campsite with private sanitary facilities' should, of course, not be missed as these are what campers are looking for. But there is a big chance that, regardless of whether you are found through social media or Google Adwords, your campsite will be packed full if it has private facilities.

A final note: luxury is allowed again. Campers are willing to pay more, perhaps with the money that would otherwise be spent on a stay in a far-away destination. But is this need for private sanitary facilities permanent?

2. Contactless

Another trend inspired by Corona is contactless showering. This, too, requires infrastructural investments.

3. Water-saving

A trend that is more permanent: saving water. This is beneficial for you as a campsite owner, but also for the increasingly environmentally conscious camping guest who wants more luxury. The time that the luxury camping guest still wanted to use shower coins is definitely over. In a Dutch article of recreatief totaal of November last year, Arjan Hilbers remarked that awareness of consumption is the key word. But how do you make your guests aware of their water usage? A simple solution could be a shower coach in the welcome pack. The self-service shower is also a good way to make the camping guest cost-conscious and give him the opportunity to turn off the water tap in time.

Douche coach

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