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Koning Willem I College case study payment management platform

"Welcome to the land of King Willem I College" can be read on the website of this school. The school is different from others, which is almost immediately apparent.

"Welcome to the land of King Willem I College" can be read on the website of this school. The school is different from others, which is almost immediately apparent. This educational institution describes itself as a ‘country without borders’ and with unlimited possibilities.

Renewing and unburdening

Therefore, it’s perhaps not entirely coincidental that the King Willem I College was one of the first schools to opt for the total solution of PCI Netherlands. The payment and management platform of KUARIO was an integral part of that.

The Koning Willem I College strives to continuously innovate, but it does so with great consideration. Prior to the implementation, a European tender was issued for multifunction printers that can be linked to Papercut software. This included a new payment solution that could also be linked to Papercut.

KUARIO now runs on 100% of printers and copiers for the students. The printing and copying facilities for the teachers are offered free of charge in a separate room, which did not require the implementation of KUARIO.

"The payment platform feels perfect for us. We are not a financial institution and we therefore want to minimize this responsibility as much as possible. We  have eliminated all workload related to the accounting of top-ups, payments and refunds for students. KUARIO takes full care of this and deposits the money into our bank account every two weeks.

In this way we are completely relieved of financial risk as the funds of students are now KUARIO’s responsibility and not ours", says Raimond Peters, Incident Manager King of Willem I College.

Requirements for the new payment solution according to the issued tender

- There are no fees for students for the use of the application.

- The supplier is responsible, guarantees all funds and takes care of invoicing.

- In case of ‘end of study’ or ‘early termination of study’, the remaining balance must be paid back to the student without the intervention of King Willem I College.

- Contractor ensures the establishment of links for the exchange of data.

- Only data that is efficient and necessary to make payments possible, will be exchanged.

inepro is an official distributor of KUARIO. This payment and management platform connects machines in the cloud, whether it's a washing machine, dryer, barrier, printer, coffee machine or vending machine. These devices are then connected to the payment methods of KUARIO, so that users can easily pay anywhere via one mobile app, without any effort on your part. With KUARIO you have time for other, really important things!

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