Customized payment, identification, document and management solutions

inepro is a specialist in the field of payment solutions from coin-operated machines, timers, automatic loading machines to a total solution tailored to your organisation for a cash-free environment.


By registering services such as scanning, printing, copying, lunch, coffee or snacks you get more insight and control. In addition, management of the service is simplified.


Authentication can be used to control access to your building(s), but you can also implement this in your entire organisation with, for example, secure printing or payment with 1 organisation card.


Implementing a money-free environment has many advantages for your organisation. Processes are combined, there is less room for error and a good basis is formed. For example, adequate stock management.

Identification and (non-cash) payment platform for every sector

Processing the money flows within your educational institution can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. By combining card readers and cash registers with inepro's software, every transaction can be registered.


Control access to your building/ zones is of great importance. The safety of (patient) data must also be guaranteed. With the inepro authentication system, you carry out access control throughout the organisation.


You want to provide your employees and visitors with various facility services you want to offer and register in a secure and / or paid manner. With inepro's identification and (cashless) payment platform you have a total solution in house.


For government institutions, document protection is essential. In addition, the charging of services to departments or departments is desirable. With inepro you can implement secure printing and registration, among other things.

Specialist in coin and top-up machines, card readers and management systems

inepro supplies hardware and software that guarantees more security within your organisation. With RFID readers and software, authentication is possible at, for example, entrances, but also at MFPs, cash registers, vending machines and lockers.


inepro specializes in solutions for organisations that want to make their environment cashless. Through card readers, top-up vending machines and our software, you can simplify and speed up processes.


With the modular inepro Back office suite (iBos) you can easily optimize and manage the use of the services you offer, such as document flows, access and (cashier) payments.


The inepro Back office suite (iBos) is a modular software solution for budgets, payments, user authentication and registration. The back office system consists of DocuPRO, CashPRO, AccessPRO and ScanPRO.

"With 1 card, buy food and drinks, operate lockers and safely print, copy and scan."

Money flows can entail risks and are a reason to opt for a cashless payment system. With our identification and payment platform, employees and students can use your services with a single pass.


In the healthcare sector, cost-efficient working and careful handling of sensitive information are central. With a Document Management system from inepro, printing can be secured in your organization and costs can be reduced.


As a provider of facility services within your organisation you want to be able to manage and regulate these. With inepro you secure, accelerate and simplify processes and also will offer more ease of use.


You want to be able to centrally arrange your services, such as the access control of buildings, the registration of used services or a central checkout system. inepro offers a total solution for authentication and payment.

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inepro has been able to transform itself in 25 years from a supplier of coin-operated machines to an innovative developer of identification, (cashless) payment, document and management solutions. inepro develops, produces and supplies all software and hardware itself, so that one integrated system can be provided from one and the same 'kitchen'. This way you have 1 point of contact for the complete solution.

With the modular solutions, which can be easily adapted to the wishes and size of the organisation, inepro has already managed to attract a diversity of large and small-scale (international) organisations. Besides its head office in Nieuw-Vennep, inepro has offices in Latin and Central America, England, Germany and Spain.


What is your ambition?

Do you ever reflect on how much time you and your employees spend per day on administrative peripheral tasks? Activities that have become necessary due to your current organisational structure, but far from the core task of your organisation. This costs your organisation time, effort, energy and money and keeps you from paying full attention to where your powers lie.

It is inepro's ambition to save our customers time, money, energy and worries through the use of our solutions. This allows you to fully focus on achieving your ambitions. So, together with us, take steps today to prepare for the challenges that are to come tomorrow.

View our company video and see how the Wright brothers have inspired inepro. Discover the principles of the efficient adventurer and see in what way inepro uses this commitment to realize your ambitions.

Let's make things Wright




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KUARIO solution for Sun for Joy


Sun for Joy in Abcoude is a wellness with tanning bed, collagen bed and infrared sauna. You can really relax at the location on the Hollandse Kade.

Because Sun for Joy considers the customer experi

inepro at the largest RFID event of Europe


Europe's largest RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow event will be held on October 29 and 30 in Darmstadt in Germany and of course inepro will be present again this year.

inepro will demonstrate its R

Meet inepro at the SETT in Ghent


On Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 October, the School Education Transformation Technology (SETT) will take place in Ghent (Belgium). This technology fair is the largest event in Belgium arou

Big and important news about SKUARIO!


As an official dealer of SKUARIO, the payment and management platform for self-service kiosks, we are pleased to inform you that SKUARIO has changed the name of it’s company, which takes effect on the

Successful SKUARIO & Epson Kick off in Nieuw-Vennep


On Thursday 16 May we were the host for the kick-off event of SKUARIO and Epson. During this informative meeting for Epson resellers and end users, the guests were introduced to Epson's printing solut

Ecca conference about Campus eID of the future


On May 19th to 21st inepro will, as an Ecca member, attend the European Campus Card Association 2019 Conference. This year's conference discusses and evaluates the "Campus eID of the Future". Between

Alderman Marja Ruigrok visits Businesspark Nieuw-Vennep Zuid


On Thursday 4 April, Marja Ruigrok visited the Nieuw-Vennep Zuid Business Park. The new alderman for Economy, Innovation, Traffic, Transport and Culture wanted to get to know more about entreprene

inepro is ISO 27001 certified!


The inepro Group was officially ISO 27001 certified by Kiwa on 15 February! The globally recognized standard stands for a process-based approach for determining, implementing, monitoring, maintaining

Need to configure your SCR RFID Reader? Just tap and go!


In order to simplify and speed up processes for you, we continue to develop new functionalities for the SCR RFID reader. After the succesfull launch of the complementary tool last year, we now introdu

CIO América Latina: “The integrated solutions of Ricoh and inepro improve user experience in the education sector”.


Recently CIO America Latina published an article about the recent visit of inepro to Ricoh Chile and their collaboration. During this meeting, the general manager of Ricoh Chile, Rodrigo Serres, expla

Mayor Hoes visits Business Park Nieuw-Vennep Zuid


The mayor of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Onno Hoes, honored the Business Park Nieuw-Vennep with a visit today. His program included a visit to D.J. Middelkoop & Son, CTS GROUP and inepro.

Document accounting, secure access and cashless payment solutions at the National Education Exhibition


The National Education Exhibition (NOT) will be held at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on Tuesday 22 to Saturday 26 January. This multi-day event focuses on the education sector in the Netherlands. Visitors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our authentication, payment and management solutions? Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If you did not find your question in the list, please contact us.

Home FAQ

  • What is a payment system? Open or Close

    The payment solution from inepro centralises and simplifies transactions within an organisation. For example, by means of an organisation card, an employee can authenticate himself to a Multi Functional Printer to print (confidential) documents or pay for lunch at an EPOS or vending machine. In addition, the pass or tag can also be used to gain access to the building, specific zones or lockers.

    The credit on the card can easily be topped up with a mobile app or an top up machine from inepro. The payments and the use of the services are centrally managed within the organisation, providing more insight into and control over the services offered by you.

  • What is an authentication system? Open or Close

    With an authentication solution of inepro you can implement safety throughout your organisation. In addition to access control, you can also apply authentication to services such as printing, copying and scanning.

    Because the user first identifies with a login code, card or tag, (confidential) documents will not end up in the wrong hands. Authentication can also be a means to register transactions and link them to cost centers.

  • What is access control? Open or Close

    With every organisation it is important that there is control over who enters the building. In addition, it may be necessary for permissions to be made for specific employees, visitors or suppliers for different zones, areas or doors. These persons can gain access to the building or zones by, for example, offering a card to a card reader.

    Detailed reports can also be drawn up with software so that you can see who has accessed where and when.

  • What can inepro do for me? Open or Close

    If you want to offer services in your organisation to your employees, students and / or guests in a money-free environment, inepro can offer you a total solution (hardware and software).

    For example, electronic access control, settling lunch in canteens with an EPOS cash register system, paying for drinks and snacks from vending machines or secure and paid printing, scanning and copying. These facility services can be purchased for example, with an organisation card.

  • What does inepro mean? Open or Close

    inepro is an abbreviation of: "innovatieve Nederlandse producten" (innovative Dutch products.)

  • How can I reach inepro? Open or Close

    Pondweg 7
    2153 PK Nieuw-Vennep

    T.: +31 (0)252 744 044
    F.: +31 (0)252 744 045


  • What does inepro do? Open or Close

    inepro is a developer and supplier of innovative authentication, (cashless) payment, document and management solutions.

  • What are inepro's opening hours? Open or Close

    The inepro office is open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday.

inepro support

inepro's support department offers extensive technical support to our customers and can be reached on weekdays between 8.00 - 18.00, via:

T.: +31 (0)252 744 040

Or by email:


Repairs and returns

If you have inepro hardware that you want to return or have it repaired, please fill out the RMA form and follow the instructions on this form. If you have any other questions and / or remarks for the support department, please contact us.