Regulates, manages and secures scanning, printing and copying

DocuPRO Embedded Client secures documents and boosts your workflows

Android based graphic user interface to enhance Ricoh SOP’s usability benefits



Ease of operation

Ricoh’s Smart Operating Panel (SOP) is a very smartphone- and tablet-friendly printer, copier and scanner. To enhance the usability benefits and productivity properties of the Android driven tablet-style control panel, Inepro developed DocuPRO Embedded Client for Ricoh SOP. This new user interface extends functionalities, secures documents and boosts your workflows. 

Inepro’s software application also enables you to customize the background image and colour of your graphic user interface. This way the SOP screen matches your organisation’s corporate identity.





Secure and flexible print release

Inepro’s DocuPRO embedded software solution assists in regulating, managing and securing document flows. One of DocuPRO’s applications is PrintMyDoc which makes it possible to send or upload documents from any (mobile) device without having to install drivers/apps or log in to a local network and print them at any mobile print gateway in the organisation. 

Another feature is Follow Me&You which ensures that once a document is sent, it can be retrieved from any printer within the same group of devices. The document follows the user, which is ideal in case a Multi Functional Printer (MFP) is unavailable.





High availability

In every high productive organisation, big or small, downtime of printers can cause adverse situations like an unexpected additional workload for your support- or helpdesk or a crucial loss of productivity. For organisations depending highly on maximum printing uptime DocuPRO enables users to move between devices if network connectivity is temporarily unavailable. DocuPRO enables high availability mode where users can securely authenticate and make copies. In conjunction with DocuPRO WSP even high availability printing is available. 




Integrated time registration system

Inepro developed an integrated time registration system for Ricoh’s SOP. With this solution an employee will register his/her entry and departure at a Ricoh SOP-device. The registered hours will be forwarded to the administration via the DocuPRO software. This new feature will significantly reduce your costs making a separate registration system obsolete. 




  • Print , copy, scan and fax
  • Follow Me & You
  • Time registration
  • Simplified UI
  • Customizable
  • High availability
  • Cloud printing