Recently CIO America Latina published an article about the recent visit of inepro to Ricoh Chile and their collaboration. During this meeting, the general manager of Ricoh Chile, Rodrigo Serres, explained that it is a challenge for higher education institutions to offer a flexible and mobile experience that guarantees the availability, integrity and reliability of the information.

Ricoh supervises and provides support to the education sector with the introduction of technologies that make management more efficient. To achieve this, Ricoh supports software and hardware suppliers such as inepro.

The fact that Ritske Clewits (CEO), Co van den Ham (CCO) and Jan Krietemeijer (area sales manager Latin America) traveled to Chile is seen by Serres as “a sign of the commitment that inepro has with Ricoh’s projects”. During the meeting the two parties evaluated finished projects and defined strategies to achieve the objectives of both companies in this year 2019.

"With the increase in mobile devices, employees, visitors or students will demand more services in the cloud, inepro’s software integrated with Ricoh's solutions not only helps institutions save time and costs, but also facilitates a better experience for students and administrative staff. Transforming to be a safer and more efficient organisation”, explains Clewits.

The relationship with Ricoh Chile began in 2015 when inepro was looking for a growing market. The case of Chile specifically represents an important market for inepro because, in addition to being a country that maintains positive economic indicators, there is a strong tendency to adopt technologies, according to Krietemeijer. He adds that the visit of inepro to Chile, is part of the actions that both companies consider necessary to guarantee a better relationship and to define new strategies that allow them to contribute quality and speed to this alliance, with the intention of offering better and time-saving customer service.

Concluding Rodrigo Serres says: "Looking ahead, Ricoh and inepro are prepared to continue developing the most innovative modular and scalable solutions that respond to the specific needs of each organisation. Our goal is to help companies provide exceptional experiences”.

Photo and source: CIO América Latina