In order to simplify and speed up processes for you, we continue to develop new functionalities for the SCR RFID reader. After the succesfull launch of the complementary tool last year, we now introduce an additional feature which allows you to configure your SCR RFID Reader with just one tap. Easy as that!  


More convenient options for configuration

To make the configuration and programming proces more simpler and straightforward, inepro developed its complementary tool last year, which has been very well received. This feature combines 2 separate tools, making implementation and management extremely easy. The complementary tool also allows you to carry out various (performing) tests and tasks centrally. With the Android card reader plug in for Ricoh SOP devices you can update and program the SCR RFID Reader directly at the device over the network. It is therefore no longer necessary to physically visit the device.

If the Android card reader plug in is not the right option for you, we now have something new for you. With the launch of version 48 we have expanded our super-convenient tool with the possibility to save the configuration on a card. All you have to do is tap the card in front of the SCR RFID reader and initiate the configuration via the card. This means it is no longer neccesary to disconnect the reader from the MFP and plug it into a laptop. This way you can save a lot of time and money and serve your customers much faster!

The new update for inepro’s SCR708 (version 48), which enables the functionalities mentioned above also offers other added features and improvements. Do you want to make use of all optimizations of the firmware and features like the analyzer, the programmer and the advanced configurator tool? The new SCR708 RFID reader firmware update is now available for free to all SCR708 customers. Please consult the known (internal) channels or TopDesk.

For more information about the SCR708 RFID reader, visit, email to or call us at +31 (0)252 744044.