KUARIO is a cloud platform for payments. Through the clear and secure KUARIO app you can pay contactless at unmanned kiosks such as Multi Functional Printers, lockers, hot and cold drink machines, vending machines, electric charging stations, washing machines, kiddie rides and more.

In addition to insight into transactions, the balance can be checked with the KUARIO app and the credit can easily be topped up. Paying with a QR code facilitates the use of services and increases the transaction speed. Another functionality of the app is the blocking of a lost card or tag, which makes it possible to act faster and there is no need to rely on, for example, a service desk.

Operators of selfservice kiosks can register, manage and optimize payments via a single dashboard. This makes it easy to manage devices in the cloud, configure product listings and set prices for single or multiple products. The KUARIO Manager offers convenience by providing insight into performance and provides extensive reporting options. With this detailed information, the success of paid services can be increased or optimized.



  • Pay at various unmanned kiosks
  • Insight into the balance
  • Complete transaction overview
  • Top up the credit through internet payment
  • International and national payment methods
  • User settings such as setting the preferred language
  • Links RFID card / tag (campus, organisation, public transport)
  • Removal of means of identification (such as a linked organisation card) in the event of loss
  • Transfer money to other KUARIO users
  • Set preferred payment method
  • Available 24/7
  • Global coverage
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multilingual
  • Different currencies


  • Cloud solution
  • Quick and easy installation and configuration
  • Low investment costs
  • Register, manage and optimize payments
  • Detailed management reports
  • Low transaction costs
  • 1 contract partner
  • Available 24/7

Available in 

  • Apple Store 
  • Google Play