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We provide various solutions for coworking spaces & flex-work places including user management, access management & mobile payments for vending, catering, EV charging, printing, copying & scanning.

Spider RFID reader

The Spider RFID reader series can be easily integrated in or on any device where secure access or payment is required.

Personal and secure access to services, products and spaces

A shared and secured workplace
Especially in shared office spaces, access must be very well managed. Because not everyone is allowed to enter the building or specific rooms, floors or office spaces. With the Spider RFID reader you can easily set up an access control system.
1 reader for all your services
Because the Spider RFID reader series consist of different sizes readers, for each device or service a Spider is available. This way you can apply the Spider RFID reader for secure access to the building, printers or PC's but also for paying with the organisation card at the cash register or vending machine.
Reads all technologies
If you use different technologies and security standards within your shared office, the multi frequency Spider RFID reader is the perfect choice. Your users can authenticate themselves with a card, tag, wristband or mobile phone.
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Customer Cases Coworking

Various partners have already completed this journey. See below a few customer cases of satisfied partners for whom we have delivered payment & registration solutions. 

inepro x Nayax: One solution to manage all company cards on any device.

The Nayax payment terminal allows Mifare, Desfire EV1 and EV2, Mifare Type B Calypso, Legic, and I-Class cards to be used.

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Ricoh collaborates with inepro to tackle the future of Smart Lockers

Step into a world of innovation as inepro and Ricoh Europe join forces to transform traditional lockers into Smart Lockers.

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