Sustainable innovations in education

Our print & pay solutions provide educational institutions with facilities that contribute to a better world. We reduce print volumes, print quickly, and create cost-consciousness among students & staff. We support a sustainable and responsible use of paper & toner.


With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, you can offer payment for print, scan & copy without administrative hassle in dealing with print credits.

Pay & print at school

Cloud printing solution
With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, your school has an award-winning cloud print, scan & copy solution that is embedded within the printer and available for HP, Ricoh, EPSON, Xerox & Konica Minolta. As everything is in the cloud there is no need for an expensive and laborious printing infrastructure. KUARIO also has a universal print driver available for Windows & Mac. You can print from your mobile phone, laptop & PC.
Printing by mobile phone
Who doesn't store their documents in the cloud these days, viaOffice 365, Google Drive, One Drive or Icloud for use on their mobile phone? With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, students, pupils and staff can print directly from their mobile phones using the multifunction printer.
Return of print credits
When the school career comes to an end, it is no longer the school's responsibility to refund the remaining print credits. The student, pupil or employee arranges the refunds themselves directly with KUARIO.
Simple navigation
No more complicated screens with all kinds of options, but a simple menu structure. The user panel is extremely user-friendly. It is already being used without any problems by students of different ages, at different school locations, in different countries. Three robust, clear buttons appear on the display: print, scan or copy. You can print from mobile phone, laptop & PC.
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KUARIO Gateway

Liberate the IT department, media library, concierges and school administration by moving payment & print credits to the cloud.

School credits

Top-up & refund of credit balances
KUARIO relieves organizations in education of all worries and takes care of everything concerning the top-up and refund of user credits. Adding credits can be done with credit cards, Paypal or local payment schemes, simply through the KUARIO mobile app or our online portal. Besides one-time top-ups, students can also activate 'automatic top-ups'. This ensures that there is always sufficient balance available. If the school career ends, KUARIO takes care of the refund. No media assistant, concierge or school administration is necessary.
Compatible with existing print management solutions
Does your organization already have a print management solution? The KUARIO Gateway is compatible with Papercut, SafeQ, Streamline, Uniflow and IBOS. School students are often given an annual 'free' print credit. When this runs out, they can easily upgrade with KUARIO. Many educational institutions have already successfully switched to KUARIO.
Easy top-up of payment and print credits
Pupils (or their parents) can easily top-up their credit 24/7 via the KUARIO app or our web portal. Adding credits can be done with credit cards, Paypal or local payment schemes. Besides one-time top-ups, students can also activate 'automatic top-ups'. This way, there is always sufficient balance available.
More than just print credits
Your KUARIO credits can be used for more than just printing. At various schools, students already pay with KUARIO at vending machines, printers, in the canteen, or pay their lending fines in the library. Virtually all payments within an educational institution can be handled via KUARIO.
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The KUARIO SLIM PDQ easily turns a mobile or tablet into a cash register. Keep your costs low & accept payments with your mobile.

The affordable checkout via an app on your mobile.

Affordable solution
In education, you have many returning customers. If you don't need a complicated cash register or expensive PIN pad payment equipment, the KUARIO SLIM PDQ is for you. All you need is an Android phone or tablet device, download the app & sign up. You can also pause your monthly subscription. So if the school is closed for a while, just put it on pause via your online dashboard.
Easy app
The KUARIO SLIM PDQ is a simple app that you can use on a mobile phone or tablet. It is ideal for paying fines in the library or for selling biscuits & coffee in the canteen. Payment is done by scanning a QR code.
Online dashboard
Merchants that use the KUARIO SLIM PDQ have access to an online dashboard for real-time insight of all transactions & payments made. You can also generate various reports. Make it easy for yourself with our KUARIO SLIM PDQ app.
Ideal for repeat customers
In the education sector, you have regularly returning customers which makes KUARIO probably the most attractive payment solution. With KUARIO you no longer need expensive PIN pad payment equipment and you can easily replace coins or tokens. The students create their own account. KUARIO is a total solution for paying at all types of self-service devices such as printers, vending & coffee machines, but also for paying fines in the library or pay for sweets, snacks & drinks in the canteen.
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KUARIO Link Terminal

Link the school card and view your KUARIO balance

Card linking & balance screen

Link school or student cards
Some schools want to limit the use of mobile phones. With the KUARIO Link terminal, employees, pupils & students can link their school card to a KUARIO account. This allows you to use your school card to pay at multiple, diverse self-service machines such as multifunction printers, vending & coffee machines, cash registers in the canteen, or at other vending machines. Super convenient if your mobile is in your locker.
Check your balance
When a KUARIO user wants to know how much balance is left on a card, the KUARIO Link Terminal will show you the balance when you scan your school card in front of it.
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Maximum control, insights & paid printing within educational institutions.

Local print management solution

Cost awareness & insights into printing behaviour
With DocuPRO, you have insights at a detailed level into the printing behaviour of employees, students and pupils, per department, and per cost centre. Therefore you can not only track down the 'big users' who print a lot, but you can also easily set quotas for those who print for free. And, of course, you can link our print management solution to all inepro payment systems.
Secure printing & user privacy
As a teacher, you want to be sure that the exams do not fall into the wrong hands. That is precisely why DocuPRO has secure release. After identifying a user, only the print jobs that you have selected come out. This prevents assignments that are sent too quickly from not being printed. You also know for sure that printouts that are not intended for other people's eyes can only be picked up by you.
BYOD: printing via telephone or your own laptop
Who doesn't have their own laptop, Chromebook or smartphone and wants to be able to print easily from it? With the Print & Go functionality, you can send or upload documents from any device. You can get your documents at school from any printer. You don't need to install a driver or log-in function at school. You can give the order at home and collect the print at school.
Embedded version for Ricoh, Konica Minolta & Xerox
The DocuPRO embedded version was developed for manual identification on the display or via a card reader at an MFP. This further increases the ease of use. The client can be installed on the all-in-one printers from brands such as Konica Minolta, Xerox & Ricoh.
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Locker management system

With the KUARIO mobile app it is possible to open & close lockers at schools, coworking spaces, gyms, swimming pools or at events.

No more key management

Locker app
To open & close the lockers, users only need the KUARIO mobile app. With the KUARIO mobile app, users scan a QR code on the locker display, which opens an assigned locker. Users can also link an RFID card to the KUARIO mobile app, so they can always get access to the locker when their smartphone is not available.
Other advantages
Apart from opening a locker with the KUARIO mobile app, this app offers many other benefits. For example, with the KUARIO mobile app it is also possible to pay for vending machines, coffee machines, print jobs, or in the canteen. Guest users can also create an account to pay for all unattended self-service devices.
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Customer Cases Education

Here you will find some customer cases with descriptions of solutions that we have provided in the education sector.

Students of Shenzhou Open University print with KUARIO

You don't always have to be a major university to use KUARIO proves our customer, Shenzhou Open University.

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Spider RFID reader perfect match for Ricoh's print management software RUG

As part of an extensive project at the University of Groningen (RUG), Ricoh Netherlands recently equipped hundreds of Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) with an inepro RFID reader.

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