Innovative solutions for electric vehicle (EV)charging

We offer identification & mobile payment solutions for EV charging. Our universal RFID reader can read multiple frequencies simultaneously. And with the KUARIO mobile app, you can pay directly.

Spider RFID reader

The Spider RFID series can be built into any electric charging station due to its compact size and reads all technologies.

Secure access or payment at your EV charging station

Manage access to your EV charging stations
Whether you just want to manage access to charging stations on your premises or want to enable payment for charging with a personal prepaid credit or via a billing scheme, with the Spider RFID reader you can easily implement and manage this process.
Access with any ID carrier
Our future-proof Spider RFID reader can read over 125 different technologies, even simultaneously. Because the reader also supports NFC and Bluetooth, you can enable access for users via a mobile phone in addition to authentication via RFID cards or tags.
Also remotely (re)configurable
If you have EV charging stations spread out over several locations, the remote tool of the Spider RFID reader is a convenient solution. This way, you don't have to physically visit each EV charging station when a new update or configuration is available.
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KUARIO Mobile app

The KUARIO mobile app offers EV charging providers a solution for direct payments.

Identification & mobile payment through one app

Easy registration
The KUARIO Mobile app is specifically designed for easy registration & identification of users and mobile payments. The simple interface of the app has proven successful for many different types of users, various applications & national and international locations. The app is available for both Android and iOS.
User groups
The KUARIO mobile app also makes it possible to create different user groups. These user groups can be assigned certain privileges such as access to reserved charging stations. But also different charging rates per user group are possible.
Paying with the KUARIO mobile app
KUARIO is the most convenient way of paying via mobile phones at charging stations. Users can easily top up their own credit using credit cards, Paypal or local schemes. So you don't have to worry about it. With the automatic top-up function in the KUARIO mobile app, your users will always have enough balance.
Ideal for repeat customers
If you have many regularly returning customers, KUARIO is probably the most attractive payment & registration solution. With KUARIO, you no longer need labour-intensive user registration. The users create their own account. KUARIO is the ideal payment & registration solution in one app.
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SCR708 RFID reader

The SCR708 reader can be used for RFID applications where user identification is the objective, such as for access to a charging station.

SCR708 RFID reader

Integration of RFID reader in charging station
With the integration of the SCR708 RFID reader in electric charging stations, EV charging is very easy. Your users identify themselves with an RFID tag at a secure charging station, plug in and start charging. You can collect, process & manage the user data.
User identification via any system
The SCR708 RFID reader supports all RFID technologies in the 100 – 150 kHz range and 13.56 MHz. This makes it possible to use different RFID standards in the same charging station. Also, the SCR708 can be easily integrated with almost all third party systems.
User-friendly information transfer
The SCR708 RFID reader provides high performance & fast readouts and is the ideal communication tool for users of EV charging stations. The readouts transmit accurate information to both the user and the provider's management system. This includes, for example, energy consumption, prices and more.
Remote updates & RFID reader configuration
The SCR708 is very easy to install in the charging station via a USB connector, literally plug & charge. In addition, the RFID reader is maintenance friendly and can be updated & configured remotely. This means that you can update any charging station remotely, from any location.
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Customer Cases e-charging

You can read about the advantages of our identification & payment solutions for EV charging stations in our customer cases section.

inepro x Nayax: One solution to manage all company cards on any device.

The Nayax payment terminal allows Mifare, Desfire EV1 and EV2, Mifare Type B Calypso, Legic, and I-Class cards to be used.

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GTi updates card readers in 25 locations in just a few hours with the Spider Configuration App

GTi – the distributor of the Nayax digital solutions in France – faced a challenge when they had to update hundreds of their customers’ card readers across 25 locations.

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