Innovative solutions for electric vehicle (EV)charging

We offer identification & mobile payment solutions for EV charging. Our universal RFID reader can read multiple frequencies simultaneously. And with the KUARIO mobile app, you can pay directly.

Spider RFID reader

The Spider RFID series can be built into any electric charging station due to its compact size and reads all technologies.

Secure access or payment at your EV charging station

Manage access to your EV charging stations
Whether you just want to manage access to charging stations on your premises or want to enable payment for charging with a personal prepaid credit or via a billing scheme, with the Spider RFID reader you can easily implement and manage this process.
Access with any ID carrier
Our future-proof Spider RFID reader can read over 125 different technologies, even simultaneously. Because the reader also supports NFC and Bluetooth, you can enable access for users via a mobile phone in addition to authentication via RFID cards or tags.
Also remotely (re)configurable
If you have EV charging stations spread out over several locations, the remote tool of the Spider RFID reader is a convenient solution. This way, you don't have to physically visit each EV charging station when a new update or configuration is available.
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Customer Cases e-charging

You can read about the advantages of our identification & payment solutions for EV charging stations in our customer cases section.

inepro x Nayax: One solution to manage all company cards on any device.

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