The most flexible locker management system

KUARIO has developed a flexible management system to be able to operate many different types of lockers.

The KUARIO mobile app

With the KUARIO mobile app it is possible to open & close lockers at schools, coworking spaces, gyms, swimming pools or at events.

No more key management

Locker app
To open & close the lockers, users only need the KUARIO mobile app. With the KUARIO mobile app, users scan a QR code on the locker display, which opens an assigned locker. Users can also link an RFID card to the KUARIO mobile app, so they can always get access to the locker when their smartphone is not available.
Other advantages
Apart from opening a locker with the KUARIO mobile app, this app offers many other benefits. For example, with the KUARIO mobile app it is also possible to pay for vending machines, coffee machines, print jobs, or in the canteen. Guest users can also create an account to pay for all unattended self-service devices.
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Customer Cases Lockers

See below for our customer cases in the locker market and find out how we can help you with a locker management system.

Brightspace shared offices payment via KUARIO

Brightspace is a coworking concept where meeting rooms and permanent and flexible workplaces are made available in an inspiring, professional and future-proof environment.

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