Secure & paid printing in public and semi-public areas

Our award-winning print & pay solutions are ideal for schools, universities, supermarkets and shared office spaces. Unburden your customers & increase revenue.


Print, copy & scan from any device & pay directly. That's the unique solution of our KUARIO MFP Kiosk. Users can pay with their mobile phone or simply pay with coins or bank/credit cards at our Pay Boxes.

Winner of the International Innovation Award

Print from your PC or mobile phone
The KUARIO MFP Kiosk turns a standard printer into a complete self-service device. You can now print all your documents available in the cloud directly from your mobile phone or laptop. With the KUARIO mobile app, you can queue documents in advance and retrieve them later at any available KUARIO printer.
Scan to your cloud storage
Scanning is the new copying. With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, it's easy to digitize and store all your documents in the cloud. Scan the documents, specify where you want to store them in the cloud or send them directly to your own mailbox.
Instant checkout of usage
No need for complicated user accounts and usage tracking, only to be billed monthly. With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, it's easy to charge users for usage directly at the printer.
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KUARIO Mobile app

The KUARIO mobile app provides user registration & identification, process print jobs, mobile payments and a complete user credit management.

Cloud printing & checkout from one mobile app

Easy registration
The KUARIO Mobile app is specifically designed for easy user registration, secure document management & mobile payments. The simple interface of the app has proven successful for all types of users, in different locations and multiple countries. The app is available for Android and iOS.
Easy user registration
Users register easily via the KUARIO mobile app. This app also makes it possible to identify different user groups that can access the multifunction printers. In addition, these user groups can be granted special benefits such as specific discounts.
Paying with the KUARIO mobile app
KUARIO is the most convenient way of making mobile payments at multifunction printers. Users can easily top up their own credit via credit cards, Paypal or local schemes, so you don't have to worry about it. With the automatic top up function in the KUARIO mobile app, your users will always have enough balance.
Ideal for repeat customers
If you have many regularly returning customers, KUARIO is probably the most attractive payment & registration solution. With KUARIO, you no longer need labour intensive user registration for the use of MFPs in (semi-) public areas. The users create their own account. The KUARIO mobile app offers you a fully integrated payment & registration solution.
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DocuPRO is our print management system for multifunction printers, installed on your own secure print server. Users can print & retrieve their documents securely at the nearest printer.

Printing in the office

Insights through reporting
DocuPRO offers various reports that provide insights on user, department, or cost centre level. You can assign printing costs to users, departments or cost centres. You can set usage limits, charge users where necessary, and also offer the possibility to address "heavy users" on their printing behaviour.
Secure printing
Our print management solution secures your organization’s document flow and protects the environment. Users identify themselves at the multifunction printer and therefore receive only the printouts intended for them.
Print at your nearest printer
Printouts can be collected from any printer on the network. So just go to your nearest printer and release your print job with an RFID tag, student ID or school ID. You can also log in with your email address & password.
Quota or paid printing
Our print management system offers the possibility to set quotas for departments or individual employees. DocuPRO can also be expanded with payment solutions. This allows you to charge guests for the use of the printing facilities.
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Customer Cases MFP

Here you can view customer cases describing some of our solutions as we deliver them to the multifunction printer market. 

inepro x Nayax: One solution to manage all company cards on any device.

The Nayax payment terminal allows Mifare, Desfire EV1 and EV2, Mifare Type B Calypso, Legic, and I-Class cards to be used.

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Toshiba always interested in new solutions

‘We are always interested in new solutions. Especially if we can make things better, faster and cheaper.’ That’s why Rudy Beset, Business Development Manager of Software & Solutions at Toshiba Tec The Netherlands, was so open to test the compatibility of the inepro SCR RFID reader with Toshiba products.

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