Freedom to print, & control your printing costs

DocuPRO gives you access to multifunction printers and provides maximum security in document management.


DocuPRO is our print management system for multifunction printers installed on your own secure print servers. Users can print & retrieve their documents securely at the nearest printer.

Printing in the office

You are in control
Using DocuPRO, it is possible to regulate, manage and secure document flows such as printing, copying and scanning. Through the extensive reports that DocuPRO provides, you can optimize the document flows which will lead to cost reductions. All actions on the multifunction printers can be analyzed by user, by department, and by device. You can also set quotas for departments or individual employees. DocuPRO can also be expanded with payment solutions. This allows you to charge guests for the use of the printing facilities.
Insight through reports
DocuPRO offers various reports that provide analysis at user, department or cost centre level. You can assign printing costs to users, departments or cost centres. You can set usage limits, make users pay if necessary, whilst offering the possibility to address "heavy users" concerning their printing behaviour.
Plenty of flexibility
With Print & Go, it no longer matters where you are to print. With Print & Go, documents can be sent or uploaded from any mobile device without the need to install drivers or apps. There's no need to log onto a local network either. After sending the job, it can be printed at any MFP within the organization.
Secure printing
Our print management solution secures your organization’s document flow and helps to protect the environment. Users identify themselves at the MFP and therefore receive only the printouts intended for them.
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