Self-service printing in supermarkets or shops

Meet your customer needs & generate new traffic. Switch to our award-winning total solution for paid printing, copying & scanning in your supermarket or shop.


Our award-winning KUARIO MFP Kiosk turns multifunctional printers into fully self-service machines ready for paid printing, copying & scanning.

Self-service printing in supermarket or retail

Self-service printing, copying & scanning for shop customers
Working from home is increasing all the time and so is the need to print, copy or scan documents. Sometimes people can go to a print shop, as long as it is located nearby and open. Take advantage now of these potential new customers and offer this service in your supermarket or shop!
Remote printing via the cloud
When customers need to print something, they want to be able to send the print job from any location. Our KUARIO MFP Kiosk solution makes mobile & cloud printing super easy. All documents available via the cloud or on a smartphone can now easily be printed on the multifunctional printer (MFP) in your shop.
Mobile, contactless, or cash payments
Paying with a smartphone is becoming more and more popular. But you may also want to offer more traditional payment methods. With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, you can pay both by mobile via the KUARIO app and by cash or contactless with bank/credit cards via the KUARIO Pay Box.
Monitor & manage performance
Via the KUARIO management dashboard you can monitor & manage all your self-service devices. You can remotely set products & prices and generate reports. Our KUARIO MFP Kiosk application not only makes paid printing, copying and scanning super easy but in combination with our cloud management dashboard you get a complete self-service print solution.
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With the KUARIO Pay Box you can pay with cash, tokens, or credit cards at printers.

Pay at printers

Offer different payment options
You want to make the self-service experience at a multifunctional printer in supermarkets and shops as -friendly as possible and offer customers the option to pay in their own preferred manner. With the Pay Boxes from KUARIO you can offer different payment methods to suit the needs and preferences of your users.
Pay for printing with cash
There are still shoppers who prefer to pay for small transactions at a printer using coins. The KUARIO Pay Boxes are available in different versions so that you can pay with cash or tokens in addition to mobile payments.
Contactless payments for printing, copying & scanning
With the KUARIO Pay Box Cards your customers can pay contactless for printing, copying & scanning using all major (international) debit & credit cards. If you want to offer the option of contactless payments with coins as well, then the KUARIO Coins & Cards is for you. It offers the option of paying with coins as well as with bank/credit cards.
High-quality & secure payment terminals
When you offer a Multifunction Printer to customers as a self-service device, you want it to be safe & secure and you don't want to have to worry about it. Our plug & play KUARIO Pay Boxes are equipped with PCI licensed payment terminals. These are not only maintenance and user-friendly, but also very durable & safe!
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The KUARIO SLIM PDQ is one of the cheapest & easiest checkout solutions through a mobile app.

Super simple!

‘Plug & Play' cash register
If you have a shop with many returning customers, the KUARIO SLIM PDQ is the most user-friendly mobile payment solution for simple over-the-counter payments. All you need is a tablet device or mobile phone and download the KUARIO SLIM PDQ app.
Mobile payments for customers via QR codes
After downloading the KUARIO SLIM PDQ app, you are ready to receive secure mobile payments via QR codes. Your customers scan the QR code on your screen using the KUARIO app and the money is directly transferred to your account.
Fast & secure
Due to recent developments and in view of hygiene, customers prefer to pay contactless as much as possible. By offering payments via a QR code, the number of contact points is greatly reduced. In addition, paying by scanning a QR code is one of the fastest & safest payment methods.
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Customer Cases Retail

You can read how KUARIO is successfully used in the retail sector for self-service printing, copying & scanning in shops or as a cash register solution.

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Since 2014, you can visit the SPAR at Station Science Park in Amsterdam for fresh coffee, freshly baked bread, a meal salad or for your daily groceries.

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