Contactless payments

Fewer and fewer people carry cash. That is why we offer various payment solutions that make digital payments possible.

Nayax Onyx

This beautifully designed contactless card reader fits on any small vending machine and provides an easy contactless payment experience.

With NFC payments and QR codes

Suitable for smaller machines
The compact & sleek design of this card reader makes it possible to install the Nayax Onyx on any small machine. Yet, the Nayax Onyx offers the same powerful capabilities as the Nayax VPOS Touch. The Nayax Onyx has a color touch screen with LED display.
Large choice of contactless payments
The Nayax Onyx accepts many different methods of contactless payments. These include NFC, mobile phone payments, QR code, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay and prepaid cards. All these methods work instantly, super-fast, and are safe. In addition, the Nayax Onyx also works with various local payment providers.
Easy user interface
The Nayax Onyx has an easy navigation menu via a color touch screen, images and text. The user can select the desired language on the screen and it is also possible to use voice interaction. The screen also offers the option of displaying advertisements. 
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Nayax VPOS Touch

The Nayax VPOS Touch is our all-in-one contactless payment terminal. The most complete solution for self-service machines.

Accepts all forms of contactless payments

A complete solution
VPOS Touch integrates perfectly with telemetry, whilst statistics & reports are available via the cloud. In addition, VPOS Touch accepts all existing forms of payment. Our card reader is durable & reliable and equipped with the latest technology. We take care of the financial settlement of all contactless transactions.
Multiple languages
With the VPOS Touch it is possible to communicate in several languages. You have the option to use two different languages on the screen. This allows you to interact with multiple users and makes it easier for them to operate the device.
Easy to install
The VPOS Touch is easy to integrate and can be rapidly installed on the desired device. All software updates are executed remotely, so it is not necessary to be physically present at the VPOS Touch terminal. These software updates ensure that the card reader is equipped with the latest payment standards and requirements.
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There is still a demand for traditional payment solutions such as cash/tokens, bank & credit cards. That is why we have the KUARIO Pay Box.

The next generation payment box

Connected to a cloud platform
KUARIO has developed a next generation payment box, which connected to our cloud platform. This means that the owner can manage & set up the payment box remotely, via the cloud.
Cash & card terminals
With 25 years of experience and proven technology KUARIO has developed 3 types of payment terminals. A payment terminal for coins only, cards only, or for coins & cards combined. The transactions via these payment terminals are processed through our cloud platform.
Contactless card terminals
The Nayax contactless card terminal linked to our Smart Connector enables contactless debit & credit card payments at various self-service vending machines. The payment terminals can be used with multifunction printers in libraries, supermarkets or shared office spaces.
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