Paying with your mobile phone

Contactless payments with your mobile phone are more popular than ever. We have a wide range of secure mobile payment solutions.

KUARIO mobile app

The KUARIO mobile app allows you to pay instantly via QR codes.

Easy & fast payments with your mobile phone

Payments and more
The KUARIO App gives you direct access to manage your balance. You can top up your balance manually or automatically, view historical transactions, or even transfer credit to friends and family. In addition, users can be invited into separate groups that may offer discounts or other benefits.
All types of self-service devices
Self-service devices include vending machines, washing machines & dryers, multifunction printers (MFPs), coffee machines, cash registers, charging stations for electric vehicles, lockers and more! The KUARIO app doesn't care which self-service device you use. The KUARIO app takes care of the entire ordering & payment process. This facilitates a safe use of contactless payments within your organisation.
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Turn your mobile device into a simple POS (point of sale) system. The KUARIO SLIM PDQ is suitable for companies that like to keep their costs at a minimum.

Accept payments via your own mobile device

Cashless payments
With the KUARIO SLIM PDQ, you can create a cashless environment. The KUARIO SLIM PDQ is an app which is downloaded onto the mobile device where you can let the customers pay via scanning a QR code. This is not only safe & easy, it also reduces your monthly maintenance costs.
Freelancers & SME businesses
The KUARIO SLIM PDQ app is ideal for freelancers and SME businesses such as: market vendors, food trucks, mini markets, libraries, home hairdressers, window cleaners or other freelance services. 
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The KUARIO MFP (Multifunction printer) Kiosk is a self-service kiosk application for multifunctional printers. It allows users to print, copy, scan, fax & pay directly at the device. Users can also print directly from their mobile phone.

Mobile payments at multifunctional printers

Ideal for (semi-) public areas
Implementing multifunctional printers in (semi-) public areas can sometimes be difficult and complicated. (Semi-) public areas include: schools/universities, supermarkets, shops, libraries & coworking spaces. With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk, the multifunctional printer is transformed into a kind of 'webstore' where it is easy to order & pay.
Send print jobs from your mobile phone
Sending & printing your print jobs has never been easier. All documents that are available on your phone or in your cloud storage (Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Icloud) can be printed directly by sending the job to the MFP. The job is completed, after scanning a QR code on the MFP with the KUARIO mobile app.
Manage the MFP from the cloud
With the KUARIO MFP Kiosk application, all your MFPs can be managed via the cloud. Products & prices can be set remotely, the MFPs can be monitored, and sales & transactions are instantly visible. Users only need the KUARIO mobile app to use the system. This free app also gives users visibility into all their historical transactions.
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There is still a demand for traditional payment solutions such as cash/tokens, bank & credit cards. That is why we have the KUARIO Pay Box.

The next generation payment box

Connected to a cloud platform
KUARIO has developed a next generation payment box, which is connected to our cloud platform. This means that the owner can manage & set up the payment box remotely, via the cloud.
Cash & card terminals
With 25 years of experience and proven technology KUARIO has developed 3 types of payment terminals. A payment terminal for coins only, cards only, or for coins & cards combined. The transactions via these payment terminals are processed through our cloud platform.
Contactless card terminals
The Nayax contactless card terminal linked to our Smart Connector enables contactless debit & credit card payments at various self-service vending machines. The payment terminals can be used with multifunction printers in libraries, supermarkets or shared office spaces.
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KUARIO Gateway

Connect your Managed Print Solutions with our KUARIO Gateway for easy payments & management.

We take care of it

Credit management of registered users
Companies in (semi-) public locations such as coworking spaces and educational institutions usually offer document printing via a Managed Print Solution. Using the KUARIO gateway, the credit management of your registered users is fully serviced to be able to pay for printing, copying & scanning. The KUARIO gateway enables you to manage this for different user groups as well
Unburdening the processes
For the KUARIO gateway, it does not matter which print management solution is installed on the multifunctional printers (MFPs). We interface with most existing systems. The KUARIO gateway provides a secure connection to the KUARIO Cloud Platform. Users can then easily pay with the KUARIO app or with the existing company, university or school card linked to their KUARIO account.
More than just paid printing
Besides paying for printing, copying & scanning, KUARIO offers much more. Thanks to the KUARIO payment platform, users can also use their KUARIO credit to pay for other facilities such as vending, coffee, catering & lockers. All these processes are controlled from the KUARIO cloud platform, which means no more financial hassle.
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KUARIO Smart Connector

This intelligent box connects your self-service devices to the cloud and makes them suitable for mobile payments. This allows you to remotely manage all your self-service devices and provide real-time insights into sales.

Paying via a mobile app

QR codes, Bluetooth & RFID
The KUARIO Smart Connector accepts payments via QR code, Bluetooth or via the KUARIO RFID reader. With a KUARIO RFID reader it is possible to pay with different types of cards such as company, university or school cards that are linked to a KUARIO account.
Manage via the cloud
The KUARIO Smart Connector allows you to transform your offline devices into smart and cloud-connected devices. This also means that your devices will be equipped with the latest (payment) technology. With the KUARIO Smart Connector you have real time visibility of all your devices.
Easy installation
The KUARIO Smart Connector is a 'smart box' which can be placed on the inside of a self-service device. By plugging one cable into this box, everything is configured and updates are completed automatically.
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The KUARIO MCB Box is the big brother of the KUARIO Smart Connector.

Mobile payments for larger scale laundry installations

Multiple laundry combinations
If your facility has multiple wash/dry machines then the KUARIO MCB Box is probably the most efficient payment option for contactless payments. With the KUARIO MCB Box you can make clusters of 4 machines, in different combinations, suitable for mobile payment.
Paying via QR code
The KUARIO MCB Box enables you to accept mobile QR code payments on all your wash & dry combinations. Ideal when you don't want to accept coins anymore or maintain expensive PIN pad payment terminals. Users pay easily by scanning the QR code sticker on the machine. 
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KUARIO Link Terminal

With the KUARIO Link Terminal you can directly link your company, university or school card to your KUARIO account.

Link RFID cards to your KUARIO payment account

Linking of the card
The KUARIO Link Terminal helps you to link a card to your KUARIO account. You link the company, university or school card simply by holding it in front of the KUARIO Link Terminal. Then scan the QR code with the KUARIO app and you're done. From this moment on, you can use your card to pay from your KUARIO credit balance. Of course you can also just use your smartphone to pay.
Card management
The KUARIO mobile app allows you to add a wide range of RFID cards to your KUARIO account, but how do you manage them all? With the KUARIO Link Terminal it is possible to get a good overview of all your cards by using the KUARIO app. In the app you can find all the cards that you have linked to your KUARIO account.
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PosPRO Cloud for KUARIO

The system to create a cashless environment for catering and manage it from the cloud.

Worry-free catering

The KUARIO Platform
The KUARIO platform is a centralized management solution for cashless catering. The KUARIO platform is in the cloud and offers online management, reporting, accounting and monitoring of self-service devices.
Maximum flexibility
The PosPro Panel POS is a silent cash register with an embedded display. This makes the PosPRO also suitable as a stand-alone solution. Besides the PosPRO Panel POS, there is also a possibility to purchase an AerTab. The only difference: instead of a cash register you get a tablet.
Extensive options
With both the PosPro cash register and the mobile AerTab it is possible to purchase additional equipment. These include a barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, debit & credit card terminals, an RFID reader for badges or a KUARIO Pay Point (mobile payment via QR code). 
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