Spider BLE & RFID Reader

The Spider range consists of different models of readers that support all relevant technologies simultaneously and useful apps that provide convenience. Authentication, configuration of readers and integration into or onto devices is now easier than ever before.

Spider Core

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Spider Core can be perfectly integrated into any device where the RFID reader is built in.

Supports 125+ LF and HF technologies

One RFID reader does it all
The Spider Core is a high-performance RFID reader that can read and process over 125 different technologies simultaneously. With support for NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the Spider Core is ideal for mobile data communication and authentication.
Easy to build in
The Spider Core can be connected via multiple communication protocols, such as USB and RS232. This way the Spider Core can easily be build in to all kinds of machines and devices like Multifunction Printers (MFP), vending machines, E-charging solutions and much more. There are also several types of USB cables available, so that the Spider Core can easily be connected to any device.
Because the Spider Core is available in bulk packaging, less packaging material is used. This, of course, also saves on transportation costs and emissions. In addition, the Spider Core can be connected to the cloud, making remote configuration and updating possible. This saves a lot of (travelling) time.
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Spider Desktop

The ideal RFID reader for authentication at secured computers, digiboards or for checkout at cash registers.

Secure access to equipment

Secure authentication before use
Do you want to provide extra security for equipment such as computers or digiboards? The Spider Desktop is the perfect solution for this. By reading an ID carrier or via NFC or BLE on a mobile phone, access to these devices can be granted. The Spider Desktop can also be used for payments with a prepaid organisation credit in, for instance, a canteen.
Plug & Play
The Spider Desktop can be installed very easily. Connect the reader with the device through a USB cable, install the software and the Spider Desktop is ready for use. If the Spider Desktop needs to be updated or configured, this can easily be done remotely or via a config card or mobile app.
All technologies
The Spider RFID reader range supports all card technologies in the 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz range. So even if an organisation works with different standards, you only need one Spider RFID reader. The Spider Desktop reads out very fast and even simultaneously. Various encryption technologies are used to ensure a high level of security.
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Spider Desktop MFP

Do you want to enable secure and/or paid printing? Choose the Spider Desktop MFP that can be easily built in or mounted on your Multifunctional Printer.

Remote updating and configuration

Remote maintenance
The Spider Desktop MFP is plug & play and extremely maintenance friendly. Physically visiting each RFID reader for updates or configurations is no longer necessary. You can easily do this remotely at any time. There is also a special contactless config card available with which configurations can be started by holding the card in front of the reader.
Build in or mount
The Spider Desktop MFP is designed to be easily mounted on any MFP. With the special bracket that matches the design of the RFID reader you can easily mount the Spider Desktop MFP on the side of your MFP. Embedding the Spider Desktop MFP is also no problem. Because of its dimensions, the Spider Desktop MFP fits in every device.
Authentication options
Various authentication options can be used to print secured or paid documents. Besides reading a contactless card, tag or wristband, there is also the possibility for users to authenticate themselves at the device via a mobile phone using NFC or BLE.
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Spider Pocket

Due to the special bracket, the Spider Pocket can be nicely integrated into printers or lockers.

Smart modular design

Special bracket
By developing the special Spider Pocket housing, this RFID reader can be seamlessly integrated into devices such as printers and lockers.
Any print management solution
The Spider Pocket is compatible with every print management solution. For example, you can use the RFID reader for secure printing of documents. These documents will only be released after a user authenticates himself at the device. The RFID reader can also be used for paid printing using a prepaid credit or a cost centre.
Contactless identification
With a Spider RFID reader you can make contactless authentication easy. No pin code or password needs to be entered on the screen of the device. By holding an ID-carrier such as a card, tag or wristband in front of the reader the user is authenticated via RFID. Additionaly, a mobile phone can be used to identify the user via NFC or BLE.
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Spider ID app

With the Spider ID app, users can easily and securely access the devices, services, or spaces available to them with authentication at any Spider RFID reader.

Secure and contactless authentication

Remote authentication via Bluetooth
The Spider ID app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Users simply open the app and perform their authentication remotely from their phone. The Spider ID App provides quick access to a building, product or service. To ensure high levels of security the Spider ID app is equipped with various security standards, including asymmetric encryption, man-in-the-middle (MITM) detection, and unique keys.
Cost savings
ID cards or tags are often used for authentication, these have to be ordered, managed and frequently replaced. With the Spider ID app, these processes can be removed, users can easily download the app and use it without assistance, resulting in both monetary and time savings.
The sustainable solution
Sustainability is an important topic for many organisations. ID cards and tags are manufactured from plastic and therefore harmful to the environment. The Spider ID app for authentication with our Spider RFID readers is a very environmentally friendly, and inexpensive, alternative.
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Spider Configurator app

Programming configurations and updates on the Spider RFID readers is easy, fast and secure with the Configurator app.

Configuring Spider card readers efficiently

Efficient tool for configuration
To prevent users from spending a lot of time configuring the Spider RFID readers, inepro has developed an efficient configuration app. With this app, the user can scan the QR- code of a Spider to get access to that RFID reader. Then the user can upload and confirm the desired configuration (remotely). Sending or delivering a configuration card to the client is no longer necessary. That saves time, for example when later on an adjustment proves to be necessary.
BLE with the most strict security
There is no risk of losing a configuration card. The app allows configurations to be performed without needing a card. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the technology that the Spider Configurator app uses. This allows the app to offer the desired functionality. To eliminate all possible security risks, the Spider Configurator app comes equipped with unique keys, asymmetric encryption and man-in-the-middle detection. User and configuration data are not saved.
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