Telemetry for remote management of self-service vending machines

Telemetry gives you real-time insight into the performance of your vending machines. It gives you real-time stock information and allows you to manage the machines remotely. It also offers efficient price management and allows you to manage individual or standardized price lists.

Integral Vending

Integral Vending is a management model for operators of vending machines for everything to do with stock. In addition, the system provides information of all machine activity.

Management model for operators of vending machines

Total control
The Integral Vending software enables efficient warehouse management and provides total control over the movement of goods & money in the entire supply chain of your vending company. The Integral Vending solution is fully scalable and can therefore be used in companies of any size.
Telemetry creates opportunities
By linking vending machines, it is possible to apply the most important developments and trends in the field of IT to the vending machine sector. This makes it possible to achieve greater operational efficiency, greater interaction with the customer, and the integration of new payment methods.
Vending machine management
Integral Vending's software highlights the best type of vending machine for each location, such as combination machines, glass-fronted vending machines and more. It also offers efficient price management where you can manage individual or general price lists. Changes can be made for multiple vending machines at once.
Most efficient routes
The efficient use of drivers ensures that your vending machines are well maintained and that customers remain satisfied. With live route control, adequate definition of visit frequencies and dynamic routing, you can maximise the number of machines a driver can visit each day.
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KUARIO Smart Connector

Connect your self-service devices via the cloud to make them smart. This gives you access to data that helps you, for example, to plan maintenance routes or to detect machine failures more quickly.

Smart self-service devices

Connect self-service devices to the KUARIO cloud platform
By connecting your machines to the KUARIO cloud platform via the KUARIO Smart Connector, you can register, manage, monitor & optimise all your self-service devices via an intuitive dashboard. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to remotely manage devices, configure product lists, & set prices.
Clear insight into performance
The KUARIO Smart Connector provides you with maximum support offering you insights into the performance of your self-service device and also includes a wide range of reporting options. With this detailed information you can increase the performance of your services or locate devices that need to be optimised.
Integration with all brands and types of devices
The KUARIO Smart Connector can be seamlessly integrated with all types and brands of self-service devices. Through the telemetry of the self-service devices, you have real-time insights into all aspects of your operation such as sales, stock, financial overviews, monitoring, status alerts and reports.
Quick installation and configuration
The integration of the KUARIO Smart Connector gives you a telemetry solution with reduced implementation and operating costs. The Smart Connector can be easily installed on the inside of your self-service device. After installation, the Smart Connector can be immediately connected & configured and is automatically updated via the cloud.
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