DocuPRO print management software helps to reduce the printing costs of your all-in-one printers, to get a better insight into individual printing behaviour and to secure the document flow within companies and/or education centres.

Optimise the document flow within your organisation

You want to offer user-friendly printing, scanning and copying. But how do you reduce print volume and associated print costs for your all-in-one printers? To achieve these objectives, a print management system is absolutely necessary. A system that meets the needs of all stakeholders within your organisation, from facilities to finance. With DocuPRO you make printing behaviour transparent. DocuPRO is a solution that runs on your own servers within your organization. This means that you determine your own security & privacy level. DocuPRO offers optimal ease of use, can set smart print rules & limits and users can always print at the nearest printer via follow-you. With our Print & Go print driver, users can easily print from any computer within their installation or from the laptop at home. In short, with our print management system, you get maximum insight and satisfied stakeholders with fewer multifunction printers.

Your own secure network

Our print solution runs on your own print servers

Print privacy

Identify yourself as a user at the multifunction printer and only your printouts will appear.


Upload your print jobs 24/7 from your home or network pc.

Secure document release after user identification

Printers are for general use but how can you be sure that only you can access your documents from the printer? DocuPRO offers this solution for employees, students and/or pupils. As a user, you identify yourself at the multifunction printer and therefore receive only your printouts. As a user, you give the order to print from your PC or laptop. The printouts are then placed in a general queue. At the all-in-one printer you identify yourself with, for example, a card. After that only your print jobs will appear on the printer display. You select only the print job that you need and it will come out immediately. This means no more searching through a big pile of printouts for your documents With this solution, no one can see prints that they are not meant to. And by selecting the print job at the device, earlier rushed print jobs are not printed. This is environmentally friendly. 
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