Integral Vending

With Integral Vending you have complete control over your vending machines, the warehouse, and everything related to your stock.

Control over all your vending machines

In the vending machine sector the ability to control a large number of sales outlets is vital. An expansion of activities can lead to processes becoming less efficient, which can have consequences for your turnover. Integral Vending provides you with a management platform for vending machines, consisting of a series of proven processes and practices, supplemented by management software. This gives you full control over the movement of goods and money throughout your company's supply chain. In addition, Integral Vending is compatible with telemetry tools, making this system even more complete and versatile. The Integral Vending tool is fully customizable and can be used by vending companies of any size.

Efficient warehouse management

Strict control over which products leave or return from their routes.

Real-time route control

Maximize the number of machines a delivery driver can visit each day.

Efficient price management

Individual or generic price lists. Customization en masse.

Hardware & software management for vending

The Integral Vending business model aims to maximize returns through global control, optimization of visits, deployment of the right machines, optimization of planograms, warehouse management and price management. Real-time route control and fixed and dynamic routes maximize the number of visits for your drivers. The models in Integral Vending can also support you in confirming the right type of vending machines for a specific location. Think for example of combination vending machines or drinks machines. Integral Vending also supports the optimization of planograms for each point of sale. Changes can be made individually or globally. With the efficient management of your warehouse, you have absolute control over the products that go on the routes or come back. Integral Vending also helps you manage your prices efficiently.
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