KUARIO Gateway

By linking the KUARIO Gateway to existing print management software, we take care of all user management, including the complete financial management.

User management via one’s own mobile account

The KUARIO Gateway offers many advantages to locations with existing print management software, such as PaperCut, Ysoft, Streamline, Uniflow or IBOS. By connecting to the KUARIO Gateway, the financial user management is fully managed by KUARIO and we unburden our partners. Financial user management includes the process of registration, user cancellation, top ups, refunding, and providing insights of the transactions of individual users. It’s all very convenient and made clear via the KUARIO mobile app. Installations using a Managed Print Solution retain their current set-up. The existing print management software is linked to the KUARIO Gateway via an API. Via this secure connection to the KUARIO Cloud Platform, users can continue to pay with their existing cards. The users' credit balance is linked to their KUARIO account in the cloud. They can not only top up their account, but also reimburse their credit balance directly from the KUARIO mobile app or the website. The KUARIO Gateway is already being used successfully in various installations at universities, schools and/or shared offices.


With KUARIO, users can utilize their credit for more services than just printing.  


Users can easily top up their credit via the KUARIO mobile app or website.  


KUARIO also takes care of the process of refunding user credits.

Improve your Managed Print Solution with our KUARIO Gateway

Offer your partners that already have an existing print management system, extra flexibility and even more added value, with the KUARIO Gateway. The KUARIO Gateway takes several labour intensive processes surrounding user management out of your partners hands. In addition, users with a KUARIO account can also use their credit for other purchases, such as paying at vending machines, coffee machines, lockers or a sandwich in the canteen. Super convenient! 
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