KUARIO Link Terminal

It is convenient to link your company, university or school card to your KUARIO account. This allows you to pay with the card as well as with the KUARIO mobile app.

Perfect for school or coworking

The KUARIO Link Terminal allows you to link any contactless card to your KUARIO account. The KUARIO Link Terminal helps you to easily link your campus pass, public transport pass, company pass or gym pass. Hold your card in front of the card reader in the KUARIO Link Terminal, scan the QR code with the KUARIO mobile app and you're done. You can now continue to use KUARIO even if you have forgotten your smartphone or when it has no battery, which is handy.

Easy linking

Link any contactless RFID card to your KUARIO account using the KUARIO Link Terminal.

Clear overview

A clear overview of all your linked contactless cards in the KUARIO mobile app.

Fast payments

Pay quickly with the KUARIO app or with your contactless company, university or school card.

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