With the KUARIO MCB Box you can connect larger laundry installations to the cloud and prepare them for accepting mobile payments via QR code scanning.

Quick & safe payments via QR codes

The world is changing at a rapid pace and it is impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone. More and more users acknowledge the convenience of paying with their mobile phone. It is the fastest growing form of contactless payment. The KUARIO MCB Box makes it possible to accept mobile QR code payments for all your laundry combinations. Ideal when you don't want to accept coins anymore or maintain expensive PIN pad payment terminals with expensive contracts. Users pay simply via scanning the QR code sticker on the machine. If your facility offers several combinations of laundry machines, the KUARIO MCB Box is probably the most efficient payment option for contactless payments. With the KUARIO MCB Box you can make clusters of 4 machines, in different combinations, suitable for mobile payment.

Launderettes, student houses & campsites

The most efficient payment option for mobile contactless payments at wash/dry machine combinations.

Multiple laundry combinations

With the KUARIO MCB Box you can make cluster combinations of 4 wash/dry machines suitable for accepting mobile payments.

Online reporting & insight

Always a real-time view on the performance & status of all your machines.

Connect all machines in the cloud

By connecting your current laundry machines to our KUARIO MCB Box you make them 'smart' devices. The KUARIO MCB Box connects all your laundry machines via the cloud. The KUARIO cloud platform provides remote insight into all your connected machines. These insights include: revenue, maintenance management, financial reporting, machine status & monitoring, status alerts and various other reports for all your laundry machines. This offers you many advantages. No more need for mechanics or employees to visit onsite and check the machines to see if they are still working properly. All these things can be managed through the KUARIO cloud platform.
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