KUARIO mobile app

With the KUARIO mobile app, you can easily pay at diverse self-service devices such as vending & coffee machines, MFP printers, washing & drying machines, lockers and much more.

Scan the QR code and done!

The KUARIO Mobile app is a convenient contactless payment app for regular repeat customers, suitable for Android & iOS. The KUARIO Mobile app is already deployed successfully for various forms of contactless payments in different countries. For example, the app is used at schools & universities, in launderettes, coworking spaces, flex-work places, campsites & holiday parks, electric vehicle charging stations, and also in media and libraries. The KUARIO Mobile app can also be used for fast payments at concierge, caterers, mini markets in offices, and much more. We have many satisfied, existing customers across the whole range of sectors. For locations with regularly returning customers where cash payments are still offered or expensive PIN-pad payment terminals are used, KUARIO is a contactless and, above all, affordable alternative.

Top up

Users can easily top up their credit via the KUARIO mobile app.  


Pay by scanning a QR code.


All historical transactions & payments are always available for immediate review.


With the app you can easily transfer funds to someone else.

With the KUARIO App you can offer more than just contactless payment

If you have regular users or returning customers, the KUARIO Mobile app is a super user-friendly and affordable alternative to facilitate contactless payments. But apart from being perfect for contactless mobile QR code payments, the KUARIO Mobile app also offers the possibility to manage various forms of vouchers, send print jobs, grant access to rooms, manage lockers, open barriers, and much more. 
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