There is still a need for traditional ways of paying. With our innovative, cloud-connected pay boxes, you can continue to accept coin, token, & card payments.

Ideal for payments at printers in public areas

The KUARIO payment boxes are ideal for locations where people still like to offer traditional payment methods for payments at printers. Think about (semi-) public locations such as libraries and/or supermarkets with your occasional users. It’s here where people like to pay quickly and easily with coins, tokens, or bank/credit cards. Our payment boxes are connected to the KUARIO platform via the cloud, which means that all payments, including those with coins, can be monitored remotely. Because the payment boxes are connected to the cloud you can also view the status of the payment box and see if it is operational or not. Remote insights help you to further optimise the revenue per printer.


Cloud connected payment box for traditional coin and token payment


Our payment box with a Nayax cashless payment terminal for bank & credit card payments


The most complete version of our cloud connected payment boxes. It accepts coins and the most diverse types of cards.

Always connected via the cloud

Our payment boxes are connected to the KUARIO platform via the cloud. This means that not only the card payments but also all coin payments are transparent. You can now remotely monitor the quantity of coin payments. With this, it’s always clear how many coins should be inside a payment box. In addition, our payment box offers the possibility to return the remaining balance as a voucher in case of overspending, using the KUARIO mobile app. 
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