The KUARIO SLIM PDQ easily turns your mobile or tablet device into a cash register. Keep your costs low & accept payments with your mobile.

Affordable cash register via an app on your mobile

The KUARIO SLIM PDQ is a super smart app suitable for various Android mobile devices. The KUARIO SLIM PDQ app is already successfully used for various forms of contactless payments in many countries. For example, the app is used at schools & universities, in media/libraries, in (shared-) offices and used by baristas and sandwich bars in student cities where many students carry the KUARIO app. Also the KUARIO SLIM PDQ is also used as an exclusive payment app in the many supermarkets in Curaçao to accept special Covid support vouchers from the Red Cross and the Government of Curaçao, among others. The KUARIO SLIM PDQ app is also perfectly suited for entrepreneurs with regularly returning customers such as market vendors, food trucks, lunch carts, mini markets in offices, or freelancers such as hairdressers or window cleaners.


Users can top up their credit very easily via the KUARIO mobile app.  


Pay by scanning a QR code.


All transactions and payments are immediately visible in your own online dashboard.

Make it easy for yourself with our KUARIO SLIM PDQ app

If you have regular customers, do not have a complicated cash register, and do not need expensive pin-pad terminals, then the KUARIO SLIM PDQ is for you. All you need is an Android phone or tablet, download the app, & sign up. Subscriptions can be paused per month. So if you’re not selling for a while, just put it on pause via your online dashboard. 
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