KUARIO Smart Connector

Connect your offline devices to the cloud with the KUARIO Smart Connector. With the KUARIO Smart Connector, you can manage your devices remotely via the cloud.

Make self-service devices 'smart’

Connecting the KUARIO Smart Connector to your offline device, transforms it into a "smart" device. The KUARIO Smart Connector connects all your self-service machines to the cloud and allows you to control, manage & monitor the status of your machines. This offers many benefits. No longer a need for mechanics or employees to check onsite if the machine is still working properly or if the machine still has enough stock. All these things can be managed remotely via the KUARIO cloud platform. The KUARIO Smart Connector is very easy to use in vending markets, at multifunction printers, and at unattended launderettes.

Real-time overview

A real-time overview of all unattended devices connected to the cloud.

Easy installation

The KUARIO Smart Connector is easy to install at unattended self-service devices.

Fast & secure payment

Payments can be made using QR codes, Bluetooth and RFID.

Useful insights

As the self-service device is connected to the cloud, it provides useful insights. These insights include: revenue, inventory, financial overview, machine status & monitoring, status alerts and various reports for all your self-service machines. Because the KUARIO Smart Connector supports various payment options, it is also possible for a school to pay with school & university cards. These cards are then linked to the KUARIO mobile app so that students can easily install for free on their mobile phones. The beauty of the KUARIO Smart Connector is also that it leaves the outside of the machine intact. It can be hidden, out of sight for users. All physical parts are inside the unattended device.
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