Nayax Onyx

This beautifully designed contactless card reader fits on any small vending machine and provides an easy contactless payment experience.

The Onyx contactless card reader

Contactless payments make purchasing products easy, fast & secure. The Nayax Onyx offers different ways for contactless payments, such as: bank cards, debit/credit cards, prepaid cards or payments by mobile phone, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay. The Nayax Onyx is currently the companies’ most compact card reader. It is possible to locate this card reader behind glass for extra security at unattended devices.


The Nayax Onyx is fully installed & configured within one day.


The payment terminal is suitable for smaller self-service devices due to its depth of just 21.4 mm.

4G modem

Thanks to the built-in 4G modem, the Nayax Onyx does not require a separate internet connection.

Interactive touchscreen

The Nayax Onyx features an interactive touchscreen with intuitive controls. Thanks to the extensive telemetry, it is possible to gain insights of your stock. The device also offers stock & fault alerts. Installation & configuration is extremely simple and completed within a day. The connection is established by means of a 4G connection. Every payment can be followed in real time in our back office.
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