Nayax VPOS Touch

VPOS Touch supports all forms of payment with debit, credit and pre-charged cards with, or without, contact.

Nayax VPOS Touch

The Nayax VPOS Touch was announced as the international payment system of the year at the Vending Industry Awards. The VPOS Touch has an interactive touch screen with intuitive operation and multilingual support. Users can retrieve extra information about the product, such as it’s the nutritional values, which is considered very important nowadays. The payment terminal can be used on vending machines, washing machines/dryers and many other unattended devices. Users can pay in many different ways including: credit cards & debit cards from all countries, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Alipay.

Easy Installation

The Nayax VPOS Touch is fully installed and configured within 1 day.

Broadly applicable

The payment terminal is suitable for a large number of unattended devices.

Built-in modem

There is no separate internet connection required to operate the Nayax VPOS Touch.

Saving space

The compact design of VPOS Touch even incorporates the modem, thus saving space. The VPOS Touch connects via 4G to the cloud, which enables you to keep track of your stock and receive fault alerts. It is also possible to use existing access and employee cards (RFID/NFC) for internal use. This is extremely useful in an office environment or at schools.
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