PosPRO Cloud for KUARIO

The POS PRO Cloud creates a complete contactless payment environment. With this POS system, your colleagues, pupils or students pay instantly. Whether they pay by mobile phone or RFID card.

Efficient, fast & contactless. Shorter queues at the cash registers.

How do you prevent long queues at the cash register during the (lunch) break? How do you make sure that everyone can pay contactless? And how do you know what the fast moving products are in your canteen? With POS PRO Cloud, you create a complete contactless environment for your company, community or educational institution. Facility managers can easily set up the touchscreen POS. Reports provide clear insights, allowing you to deliver what users demand even better. The cornerstone of the modular system is a robust touchscreen till. You can complete the system with a card reader, receipt printer, bar code scanner or cash drawer. Customers can pay with their employee card, school card or student card with RFID chip. Did you know that this is faster than a pin-pad payment? That makes for happy customers! It is also possible to pay with your mobile phone, for example via the KUARIO mobile app or the NFC chip.


Contactless payments without coins means safe & hygienic payments without cash differences.

Faster than PIN

With an RFID card, users pay faster than with the PIN and you’ll guarantee a fast throughput.  

Always sufficient balance   

With the 'automatic top up' function, there is always sufficient credit.

The POS PRO Cloud offers ultimate flexibility

Caterers often use our tablet version of the POS PRO. This mobile POS, also known as M-POS, offers unprecedented flexibility & mobility within your organization. Users who pay by credit can easily top it up through the KUARIO mobile app or through our web portal. If you want to be even more hospitable to occasional guests such as parents, guest lecturers, evening students or tenants, then also connect an EFT device. Or if cash payments are still required, you can add a cash drawer. 
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