RFID reader for authentication & access control

With the universal SCR708 RFID reader you can provide secure access to buildings and spaces, as well as to devices such as lockers, multifunction printers (MFPs) & electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Infinite RFID applications

The SCR708 can be used for countless RFID applications where, for example, secure access or authentication is your objective. For example, the SCR708 RFID reader can serve as an important part of an access control system to protect personnel & assets. By using the SCR708 RFID reader you create a secure environment. You can assign users that are allowed access to your building, large or small, to zones or rooms. With user identification at MFPs through the RFID reader, documents will always end up in the right hands. In addition, with the SCR708 you can also provide secure access to electric vehicle charging stations, PCs, lockers, vending machines, Digi boards and much more. When you connect the SCR708 RFID reader to a cash register, your users can easily pay with an RFID card, key tag or other tag.

Reading performance

The SCR708 reader has a very strong performance in terms of fast reading & a long reading range.

Multi frequency

Supports all card technologies in the range of 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz (simultaneously). High encryption technologies for security.

Remote maintenance

The SCR tool makes it possible to remotely perform firmware updates & configuration of the SCR708.

Ease of installation and maintenance SCR708 RFID reader

With the USB connector, the SCR708 RFID reader can be directly connected and is easy to configure. The RFID reader can be built into payment terminals or points of identification. With a bracket designed in the same style, the reader can also be mounted on the outside of a device. Various types of RFID cards, passes, key tags or other tags can easily be read or programmed. Integration of the SCR708 RFID reader with third party systems (ISV) is also possible. This allows you to manage products & prices, read cards, and also grant users or departments access. To guarantee the safety and functionality of RFID readers, they must be regularly updated or configured. With the handy SCR-tool you can maintain the SCR708 RFID reader remotely.
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