Spider Core RFID reader

Due to its size, the Spider Core RFID reader integrates perfectly in every device where it is built in and supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The perfect fit

The Spider RFID Reader, is a series of new RFID readers, with extensive possibilities. In addition to authenticating with, for example, a card, tag or wristband. It is also possible for users to identify themselves using their mobile phone. Due to the different sizes in the range, there is a suitable version for every device that requires authentication for secure access. These include access control systems for buildings or rooms, computers, multifunctional printers, electric charging stations and more. The Spider RFID reader can also be used for cashless payments at cash registers or vending machines, where payments can be made with a prepaid (organisation) credit. The possibilities are endless… The compact size of the Spider Core makes this RFID reader ideal for integration with any device and blends in with the aesthetics of the machine. Whether it is a charging station, Mutifunctional Printer, vending machine or locker, it is a perfect fit.

Highly suitable for integration

The Spider Core operates as an integrated stand-alone unit. Connect it via USB or RS232 to your device and it is ready to use.

Easy configuration

To simplify the configuration process, several solutions have been developed. Think of configuration and updating remotely, via a config card or mobile app.

Supported technologies

The Spider Core supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies (125 kHz & 13.56 MHz) and NFC and BLE.


Besides high performance products, we also take great care of the processes supporting them. We have developed several tools to make your life easier. To save you time and transportation costs there is now a tool available to update and (re)configure your Spider Core remotely. Very convenient when the RFID readers are distributed across different sites. For on-site maintenance, we have the contactless config card available and a mobile app for (re)configuration. You hold these tools in front of the RFID reader to start the process. Do you want to apply an RFID reader in an organisation that uses different standards and security protocols? Then the Spider Core is the ideal RFID reader for you. It reads more than 125 different technologies, even simultaneously. One reader does it all!
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