Spider Desktop

Our RFID reader is perfectly suited for a wide range of desktop applications such as secure access to computers or payment at cash registers.

Touchless Authentication

The Spider Desktop can be used for numerous RFID applications where secure access or authentication is the goal. For example access to computers, digiboards or other devices holding information that needs to be secured. With the Spider Desktop, manual entry of login data is no longer necessary. Hold a personal (organisation) card, tag or wristband in front of the reader and access will be granted to the secured environment. When you connect the Spider Desktop to a Point of Sale, your users can easily pay with an organisation prepaid credit. In addition, the RFID reader can be used to charge products to departments or cost centres. You can integrate the Spider Desktop with third-party systems (ISV) allowing you to manage products and prices, read cards, give users access to the building and much more.

High performance

The Spider Desktop delivers high levels of performance in terms of fast reading, reading range and security.

Supports all technologies

The Spider Desktop supports NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and all card technologies in the 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz range.

Easy to install

With its USB connector, the Spider Desktop RFID reader can be connected directly and is easy to configure.

Plug & Play

The ingenious housing of the Spider Desktop RFID reader allows you to decide whether to attach the USB cable at the top or the bottom of the reader. This way you can easily connect the Spider to a desktop device like a computer, E-POS or industrial machine. Because the Spider Desktop functions as a standalone, the RFID reader is compatible with any device. The reader supports USB communication via keyboard emulation, virtual COM port and RAW and serial communication via RS232. To update and (re)configure your Spider Desktop remotely we have developed several tools. Very convenient when the RFID readers are spread out over different locations. For on-site maintenance we have the contactless config card available and a mobile app for (re)configuration. Hold the tool in front of the reader and the process will start automatically.
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