Spider Desktop MFP

Do you want to offer paid or secure printing? The Spider Desktop MFP is suitable for all RFID technologies and mobile authentication.

Secure print management

It is not only due to stricter privacy laws that companies realize that secure printing is very important. Not all documents are meant for everyone's eyes. Therefore, it is important that printouts are only released when the person giving the print order releases it at the Multifunctional Printer (MFP). Companies also find it convenient to offer paid printing. This way, printing can be charged to departments or cost centres. With our Spider Desktop MFP all these options can be realized within a few minutes. Simply mount the MFP Desktop on the side of your MFP (without screws), plug in the cable and you are ready to read over 125 RFID technologies with your inepro reader. Ideally suited for any organisation, even when working with different technologies or security requirements within the company. Our Spider RFID readers are compatible with any print management solution and every brand of MFPs.

Future-proof authentication

In addition to a card or other ID carrier, you can also access your print documents with your phone.

Built-in or mounting

If you prefer to build in your Spider RFID reader, this can be done in an instant.

Maintenance from behind your desk

To make things easy for you, you can easily configure and update your Spider Desktop MFP remotely.

Save on costs

At every step of the process, we think of ways to save you money and time. This starts with secure printing. With our solution, you will never have to worry about documents that are printed but not collected costing you wasted paper, toner and causing unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, we have tools available to simplify your life. With our remote tool to update and (re)configure your Spider Desktop MFP remotely you can save on maintenance and transportation costs. For on-site maintenance, we have the contactless config card available and a mobile app for (re)configuration. Because our RFID reader has been developed to be able to process almost all LF and HF technologies (125 kHz & 13.56 MHz), NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) you only need one RFID reader even if different standards are used in your organisation.
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