Spider Pocket

Due to its compact size, the Spider Pocket RFID reader integrates perfectly with your device enabling authentication with all LF and HF technologies, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Designed for seamless integration

The Spider Pocket is part of our new RFID reader series that consists of several modules and therefore integrates perfectly with your devices, such as a multifunctional printer (MFP) or locker. The compact size of the Spider RFID reader together with the Pocket bracket makes this solution ideal for integration and blends in with the design of the device. The Spider Pocket is compatible with any management solution for devices and is the ideal tool for secure authentication.

Easy installation

Build in the Spider Pocket, plug in the USB and your device is ready to use.

Processes all technologies

The Spider Pocket is designed for various technologies such as all LF and HF technologies (125 kHz & 13.56 MHz), NFC and BLE.

Service at its most convenient

We have developed several (remote) tools to save you time and money, such as a config card and a mobile app.


As a green company, we have also looked at how we can reduce our impact on the environment when developing the Spider RFID series. The size of the Spider Pocket is a result of this. After all, smaller does not only mean easier integration, but also less packaging and required storage and transport space. The Spider Pocket is also available in bulk packaging. So less transport costs and emissions. We also looked at how the maintenance of the Spider Pocket could be done more efficiently and sustainably. For example, by developing tools that allow you to (re)configure your Spider Pocket remotely, but also by making the RFID reader suitable for mobile authentication. So that in time it can replace plastic ID carriers.
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