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Frequently asked questions
Can you activate my unit(s)?

Please email your request to support at including the unit serial numbers. The request will be processed on the same day. It is not possible to request activation by phone due to the necessary verification requirements.

Can you change the 'default credit'?

If you would like to change the purchase price of a product, please mail the request including the last 6 digits of the unit serial number to

Why is the Nayax terminal not working?

Please provide us with more information to diagnose your issue. What exactly is not working? Are there any indication lights? Does the terminal start up? Is there any text on the screen? What is the serial number of the terminal? Once this specific information is available, please contact support at

Why is the display showing "Cash only"?

This can show for a number of reasons, for example; the vending machine is not properly closed, there Nayax terminal has no connection with the vending machine or the vending machine is not compatible with the Nayax terminal. To rectify the error, turn off the vending machine for 5 minutes. If the error persists after restart, please contact your Nayax dealer.

How do I get my replacement Nayax terminal activated?

Please email us in advance at providing the serial numbers of both the old and the new unit, so that we can make the necessary changes for you.

Why have I not received my payment?

Please contact us immediately by sending an e-mail to to rectify this.

Why is my unit not accepting debit cards (contactless)?

The configuration of the Nayax terminal may need amending or an update may be required. Please email us at for support.

Why are some card payments rejected?

The transaction is refused by the bank due to the user having insufficient funds.

How do I check the connection of the Nayax terminal?

Check the antenna and the placement of the SIM card is correct. Turn off the terminal and remove the SIM card, after 5 minutes reinsert the SIM card and turn the terminal back on. If after this you still have no connection, please contact us to have the RRSI value checked.

How long does an average transaction take?

Processing a transaction usually takes about 7 seconds. If a transaction is longer than 12 seconds this may indicate connection problems.

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