5 essential questions to answer before you change your current RFID ID tags / card system

RFID ID tags / card system

“We need to change our existing RFID (card) system”. Many companies realize what needs to be changed or improved in the current system. However, the impact of the chance might be less obvious. Therefore, we have complied 5 essential questions, which help you to get on track and get an idea of the impact of the change for you, your company and its stakeholders.

1. What is the reason you are changing your card or tag system?

What is the reason that you are going to adjust your card system? This could be many, reasons which we have heard of from our clients include:

- Relocation to new building

- Company expansion

- New machines such as MFPs and lockers

- New (mobile) access system

- New time registration system

- New logistics system or process

- New safer working method such as new (more secure) card technology

- International takeover across continents

Depending on the reason there might be companies who faced similar challenges. Case studies inspire and can save time due the lessons which others have learned for you.

2. For which processes do you already use cards or tags?

You often already use an RFID card or tags for other facility or business processes. Which processes are these? Carefully list the processes which might be affected.

3. What hardware & power infrastructure do you use?

An RFID reader, one of the key elements in a RFID system, will often use existing hardware or a power infrastructure. It is important to see to what extent you can connect to this the existing hardware & power infrastructure.

4 . Standalone RFID system or combination of processes in one RFID system?

Depending on various factors, it may be wise to opt for a stand- alone or a total solution. These are some factors to consider:

a.  How does the project schedule look like?

If you are on a tight timeline, it might be wise to opt for a standalone RFID system.  

b. Who may have access to data?

A good data protection policy is, especially in the EU due to stricter European privacy regulations, key. If you have a less secure business process, which needs an upgrade anyway, it might be good to opt for one complete RFID system directly solving this security issue.

c. Which users may have access to the systems?

Not everybody is allowed access to certain rooms, systems and devices. List the users.

5 . What is the impact of the change for the users of the RFID system?

It is important to check what the impact for users would be and how to communicate the changes to them.

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