From residential complexes to marinas, how they offer "Washing machines as a Service"!

According to many millennials, we no longer live in a world of ownership, but in a world of sharing. We easily rent out our homes through Airbnb, but we also share for instance cars, tools, and bicycles. Specifically designed apps can make this simple.

The idea of sharing isn't entirely new. After all, how do you think launderettes came to be? Washing machines used to be too expensive to own or there wasn't enough room to fit one. Also, companies like Amazon did not exist at the time to deliver and install a washing machine within 1 day at an affordable price.

We have seen the number of launderettes decrease significantly over the past decades. But the number of people who have their own washing machine has decreased as well. Houses are expensive, so we have to be smart about how we organise that space. Public transportation for students is becoming more and more expensive. As a result, young people travel less and less to their parents' house with a bag full of dirty laundry.

Pay per Use

This has created an increasing demand for shared laundry facilities. We live in a time when we can make unlimited use of products without having to buy them. We only want to "pay per use".

With the rise of smarter devices through IoT, it is also becoming increasingly easier to share appliances based on Pay per Use. With new software applications, the device can easily register who is currently using it.

"IoT and Pay per Use offer many new opportunities for real estate landlords"

More opportunities through IoT and Pay per Use

One such application is KUARIO, that connects with a washing machine via the cloud. The customer pays an x amount per use. In this way, (student) residential complexes, sports clubs, hotels, truck parking spots, campsites and even multi-tenant building managers can easily offer a washing service.

There are also marinas that rent a washing machine to provide this additional service to people who stay overnight at the location. In addition, the KUARIO application can also be linked to, for example, paid parking.

An extra bonus is that the laundry service is cashless and significantly reduces the risk of fraud. IoT not only offers real estate owners opportunities in terms of customer service, it also increases convenience and safety.

All-in rental formula Laundry BV

Laundry BV facilitates an all-in flexible rental formula. Not only do you rent a washing machine, but you can also contact them for customer support. All included in the price so you'll never face unexpected costs. If you facilitate “Pay per Use”, you can even generate additional income!

For more information: see Laundry BV. Or request a KUARIO demo.

inepro is an official distributor of KUARIO. This payment and management platform connects machines in the cloud, whether it's a washing machine, dryer, barrier, printer, coffee machine or vending machine. These devices are then connected to the payment methods of KUARIO, so that users can easily pay anywhere via one mobile app, without any effort on your part. With KUARIO you have time for other, really important things!