(Shower) tokens at the campground are so outdated!

Every camper has experienced this. You're warming yourself up in the shower. You close your eyes for a moment and just when you want to rinse all that shampoo out of your hair you hear the shower turn off. Oops, the 5 minutes are up and you remember it was your last shower token. There are even campsites where you have to wait 5 minutes if you want to continue showering with a new token. Not an ideal situation, standing there with a head full of shampoo.

And not really customer friendly of campsites or marinas. In addition, the costs of a coin machine are often higher than the profit, if you realize that it sometimes breaks down and you have to empty the container of coins daily. In addition, a defective coin machine can cause annoyance to the customer.

Cashless camping

inepro thinks these shower tokens are outdated. For some time now we have been seeing a trend that campsites are digitizing, which gives customers the option to activate services with a card or keychain. Since the corona crisis we have noticed that campsites and marinas increasingly want to switch to digital payments. So that means no more coins or cash but a  "cashless camping experience".

With KUARIO, inepro has found a partner who has developed a camping app, which can be connected to all devices and with which the customer can pay anywhere. Whether it's for the washing machine, shower, access to the swimming pool or for access via the car park barrier. The campsite can assign per person whether they get free access or pay for parking or other services.

Why KUARIO on your campsite?

1. Extra service to the customer. No more issues with coins.

2. Convenience for the campsite. Customer downloads the app and can use all facilities. No need to pick up tokens at the reception.

3. Hygienic. A cashless environment increases the hygiene within an environment. Cash carries a lot of bacteria.

4. Safe. Less cash in circulation, reduces the risk of theft, burglary and fraud.

Are you the campsite that wants to digitize processes? Or are you a customer of a campsite that should offer digital services?

Then please contact us. We are happy to give campsites a demo to experience the comforts of KUARIO.

inepro is an official distributor of KUARIO. This payment and management platform connects machines in the cloud, whether it's a washing machine, dryer, barrier, printer, coffee machine or vending machine. These devices are then connected to the payment methods of KUARIO, so that users can easily pay anywhere via one mobile app, without any effort on your part. With KUARIO you have time for other, really important things!