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Ricoh collaborates with inepro to tackle the future of Smart Lockers

Step into a world of innovation as inepro and Ricoh Europe join forces to transform traditional lockers into Smart Lockers.

Step into a world of innovation as inepro and Ricoh Europe join forces to transform traditional lockers into Smart Lockers. This digital solution is eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and replacing them with automated processes. Think of automated asset management in warehouses, flexible click and collect in retail, and secure personal storage for hybrid workplaces. Ricoh chose to incorporate inepro’s Spider RFID reader into their Smart Locker Solutions, creating a seamless and secure storage experience like never before.

Why did Ricoh choose the inepro Spider RFID Reader?

“The main reason for choosing the Spider RFID reader is the quality of the product. As we’ve already worked with inepro before on our print solutions, our technical support team is used to working with inepro products. We knew the Spider is of high quality,” says Spencer Handley, Director Digital Annuity & Service Advantage at Ricoh Europe.

But the quality of the Spider wasn’t the only reason Ricoh Europe selected this product for their Smart Lockers Solutions.

Spencer also highlighted the compatibility and flexibility the inepro Spider provides as it can be integrated in any device and supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies, including NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy. This means that users can easily authenticate themselves via their cards or tags, but also with their mobile phones.

“All the components of the Smart Lockers have been selected very carefully. From the high-end touch screen to the bar scanners to the Spider RFID reader. These quality products are critical for the success of this project as our plan is to be hardware-agnostic,” Spencer Handley explains.

Ricoh Smart Lockers Solutions are being installed in various sectors.

The Smart Lockers are suitable for the office & workspace, warehousing, retail, the public sector, and in education. Let’s zoom in at three areas.

Warehousing & Logistics

Ricoh Smart Lockers Solutions allow companies to efficiently manage their assets, including scanners, hand-held terminals, and more. They help minimize loss, reduce damage, and avoid queues as management of high-value devices becomes automated.

Office & Workspace

As remote and hybrid working have become more common, companies have an increasing need for automated solutions that help their employees do their work effectively from anywhere. Smart Lockers allow employees to access their parcel and document deliveries as well as office tools at their convenience.


Ricoh Smart Lockers provide a user-friendly, customer-focused experience for collection and returns of products. Retailers can innovate and free staff so they focus on assisting customers which then leads to improving their customer service.

The inepro Spider within the Ricoh Smart Lockers is the perfect combination for a digital solution that focuses on efficiency and convenience. With the integration of the Spider RFID reader, users easily authenticate themselves with their card or mobile phone at their convenience.

What’s next?

“I see the biggest growth in warehousing, but it could be anywhere. We have high targets for the next four years. We’re installing a couple thousand controllers in 2023 – for inepro, that also means a couple thousand Spider RFID readers are being integrated this year,” says Spencer.

With 150 installs per week across Europe and contracted services in EMEA, the Smart Lockers Solutions are part of a global project.

Choose the Spider RFID reader for its compatibility, flexibility, and quality.

The Spider RFID is compatible with any device that requires users to authenticate themselves. Think of an access control system, a multifunctional printer, vending machines, smart lockers, and many other options.

It’s flexible when it comes to the method of authentication. Users can use a card or tag, but also their mobile phones. This is possible because the Spider supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies as well as NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy.

But above all, choose the Spider RFID reader for its unmatched quality.

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