Rapid cash register systems for catering

During break, things get hectic and everyone wants to eat as quickly as possible. It is therefore important that your cash register system is fast & efficient to use.

KUARIO mobile app

With the KUARIO mobile app, users can pay at multiple checkout systems.

Your own mobile wallet

Users like convenience
It is impossible to imagine our lives without the smartphone. Therefore it is imperative that technology continually develops in the area of easy payments. With the KUARIO app, payments can be made easily at cash registers & self-service devices. Users can top up their digital wallet with credit and then pay by scanning the QR codes.
Always sufficient balance
Users easily top up their own credit via the KUARIO mobile app or through our secure web portal. And if they activate the 'automatic top up' function, they will never run out of credit again. We also take care of refunding credit to the users. In short, we relieve the administrative department completely, you have nothing to worry about.
Joint wallet
Sometimes it is convenient to pay from a joint wallet. With the KUARIO app, families, colleagues or students can pay for lunch, drinks or sweets from one shared wallet. Very convenient when having drinks together & paying from one account.
Card management in the KUARIO app
Many schools, universities and (shared-) offices use an RFID card, such as a student or company card, which they can use for access to many devices in the building. For example, opening the door, printing, getting lunch from the canteen, etc. Using the KUARIO app, these card(s) can be linked to your online credit. This means that you can pay/identify with both the KUARIO app and your card. Very convenient if you’ve left your mobile phone on your desk.
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Turn your mobile device into a smart cash register system. The KUARIO SLIM PDQ is suitable for caterers who want to keep costs low.

Smart & affordable POS system for caterers & canteens

A simple & smart POS system
Purchasing and setting up a complete POS system can be quite complicated & costly. But not with the KUARIO SLIM PDQ. You don't need much to get started, just a mobile phone or a tablet device. It is even possible to create a self-service canteen. A customer scans the QR code and can then take his lunch with him. Quick & easy from checkout to the table!
Special customer benefits
With the KUARIO SLIM PDQ it is possible to give certain groups of customers (for example: internal tenants, guest users, students etc.) special advantages. These groups of customers can for example get discounts on a sandwich, a drink or a lunch while other users still pay the full price.
Fixed price for lunch
If your caterer or canteen has one fixed price for a lunch or menu, you can use a 'KUARIO Pay Point'. This is basically a QR code that can be scanned with the KUARIO app. After scanning this QR code, a fixed charge is paid which is linked to said QR code.
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Nayax card terminals

We are the exclusive Benelux distributor of the world's best-selling contactless payment terminals; the Onyx and the VPOS Touch from Nayax.

Easy payments via your bank-/credit card

The Onyx from Nayax is perfectly suited for real contactless payments. Especially in these times, limiting the number of contact interaction on public devices is a must. The Onyx works with all local payment providers, contactless smart cards, NFC, and mobile payment app such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Ali Pay.
VPOS Touch
The VPOS Touch is the recognized international payment system of the year. The VPOS Touch has a colour screen and is seamlessly integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring & management. It is extremely suitable for contactless payments and accepts all payment methods. Internationally it is one of the most sold card payment solutions.
Keep track of your stock! With Nayax Telemetry you can receive alerts, generate reports, retrieve inventory information, monitor cash, and route planning. Change your prices remotely using DEX read or via the Management Suite from Nayax.
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PosPRO Cloud for KUARIO

The system to create & manage a cashless catering environment via the cloud.

Our cash register system for catering

Complete solution for canteens
The KUARIO PosPRO cloud is a complete solution for canteens within a closed card system. The checkout system, which provides great customer experience, is one of our developments in how to create a cashless & contactless environment.
Use of RFID reader
Through our software applications PosPRO and CashPRO, the cash register can be pre-programmed, reports generated, cards managed and cash flows monitored. The KUARIO PosPRO cloud can be used in combination with the SCR708 RFID reader (INLINE LINK). This solution is very useful to cater for multiple card types that users may have within an organization.
Additional peripherals
With both the PosPro cash register and the mobile AerTab it is possible to purchase additional equipment. These include a barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, debit & credit card terminals, an RFID reader for badges or a KUARIO Pay Point (mobile payments via a QR code).
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KUARIO Smart Connector

The alternative to card payment terminals on vending machines. The KUARIO Smart Connector makes all your vending machines ready for mobile payments via QR codes.

Mobile payments on vending & coffee machines

Easy connection
The KUARIO Smart Connector is an intelligent little box that allows you to connect self-service devices such as vending & coffee machines to the KUARIO Cloud platform via the internet. Via our cloud platform, you can define and adjust all products & prices. The connection of the KUARIO Smart Connector to the self-service machines is extremely simple.
Paying via QR codes
The KUARIO Smart Connector enables you to accept mobile QR code payments on all your self-service machines. It's ideal if you no longer want to accept coins or tokens, maintain expensive PIN pad payment terminals, or no longer want to bill for consumption after the event. Users pay very easily by scanning the QR code on the machine.
Ideal for repeat customers
If you have many regularly returning customers, KUARIO is probably the most attractive payment solution. With KUARIO, you no longer require labour-intensive user registration. The users create their own account. KUARIO is a single payment solution for all self-service devices.
Intuitive management dashboard
From the KUARIO cloud platform, an intuitive dashboard allows you to register, manage, and monitor all vending machines, configure product overviews and set prices. Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to increase the performance of your services or locate devices that need to be optimised.
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Find out how we have successfully applied our products in the catering market.

Brightspace shared offices payment via KUARIO

Brightspace is a coworking concept where meeting rooms and permanent and flexible workplaces are made available in an inspiring, professional and future-proof environment.

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