Spider ID app

Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. We use our phones whenever and wherever we can. Now, users of the Spider ID app can easily and securely access spaces, products or services, without the need for physical ID cards or tags.

Remote contactless authentication

The Spider ID app provides quick access to a space, product or service using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for authentication. The user simply opens the app and performs the authentication remotely from their phone.

Fast & always available

The Spider ID app enables straightforward authentication via mobile phone.

Free & sustainable

The use of ID cards and tags can be costly and is harmful to the environment, as they are made from plastic. The Spider ID app is free and is a very sustainable alternative, enabling authentication at any Spider RFID reader.  

Safe & practical

The majority of people carry their mobile phones with them and keep them fully secured, so with the use of the Spider ID app for authentication, the risks associated with the loss of ID cards and tags are eliminated.

Safest way to authenticate

Authentication through a mobile phone app is one of the safest ways to access buildings, services or products. To ensure high levels of security the Spider ID app is equipped with various security standards, including asymmetric encryption, man-in-the-middle (MITM) detection, and unique keys.
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