inepro’s Spider RFID reader is now Rijkspas-compliant

inepro recently received the Rijkspas certification for its Spider RFID reader. This certification makes it compliant with the standards and specifications necessary for reading the Rijkspas. The Spider can now be used by government entities, ensuring the highest level of security.

What is the Rijkspas?

The Rijkspas is a multifunctional smart card used by the Dutch government. It’s issued to government employees, external contractors, and visitors. It allows secure access to government buildings and the computer network for government services. Additionally, it enables users to utilize the printing services and handle payments within cafeterias and other facilities.

Experience a seamless transition with the Spider in Rijkspas-mode.

Customers can order a configured Spider RFID card reader in Rijkspas-mode directly from inepro. It will be equipped to read all promised technologies, including the Rijkspas smart cards.

The best part? This Rijkspas-compliant Spider functions just like our standard Spider card reader. You can use it wherever you typically use the Spider, ensuring a smooth transition to this enhanced technology.

Users get easy access to a wide range of machines.

For end-users, it’s incredibly straightforward. They would continue using their Rijkspas for authentication to seamlessly access MFPs (Multi-Function Printers), coffee and vending machines, lockers, and more. And this is all achievable with a product that’s entirely Dutch-made.

The Spider offers flexibility, convenience, and compatibility.

The Spider RFID reader supports over 180 LF and HF wireless technologies, including NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This offers users the flexibility to choose their preferred method of authentication, whether it's a card, tag, or even their mobile phones.

Moreover, configurations and updates can be conveniently performed remotely. This eliminates the need for costly technicians to manually update devices, saving you both time and money while ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

With various sizes available, the Spider RFID reader is compatible with virtually any device, making it a versatile solution for your needs.

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